Upgrading the Cloudera Navigator Data Management Component

Cloudera Manager Required Role: Full Administrator

The Cloudera Navigator Data Management component is upgraded automatically during the Cloudera Manager upgrade process. The component is not supported on Cloudera Express. It requires a Cloudera Enterprise license. See Managing Licenses for details about upgrading from trial licenses or Cloudera Express to Cloudera Enterprise.

Before Upgrading the Cluster

Avoiding Out-of-Memory Errors During an Upgrade

A very large Navigator Metadata Server storage directory size can cause out-of-memory (OOM) errors, or can cause the upgrade to take an extremely long time (10 hours or more). To reduce the chances of OOM errors and the time it takes to upgrade:
  • Run the purge command before upgrading, and/or
  • Temporarily increase available JVM memory to 31 GB (but not more). Increasing JVM memory decreases available OS RAM, which is also needed for the upgrade, so give the JVM 31 GB max for the upgrade.

See Navigator Metadata Server Tuning for more information.

Upgrading Cloudera Navigator

The upgrade process can take three to four hours, depending on the amount of data in the Navigator Metadata Server storage directory.
  1. Before upgrading Cloudera Navigator, you must:
    • Stop the Navigator Metadata Server role.
    • Back up the Navigator Metadata Server storage directory.
    • Ensure the Navigator Metadata Server has sufficient memory to complete the upgrade.
    • For systems using an Oracle database, grant additional privileges to the nav (or appropriate user name for the Navigator Audit Server). Log in to the database using SQL*Plus and run the following:
      GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.dbms_crypto TO nav;
  2. Upgrade Cloudera Manager, following the steps in Upgrading Cloudera Manager and CDH.
  3. To upgrade from Cloudera Navigator 2.6 (and lower), log in to the Cloudera Navigator console. The Upgrading Navigator page displays. Depending on the amount of data in the Navigator Metadata Server storage directory, the upgrade process can take 3–4 hours or longer.
  4. When the upgrade is complete, click Continue. The Cloudera Navigator console displays.

Backing up Databases

Several steps in the backup procedures require you to back up various databases used in a CDH cluster. The steps for backing up and restoring databases differ depending on the database vendor and version you select for your cluster and are beyond the scope of this document.