This is the documentation for Cloudera ODBC Connector for Microstrategy 2.0.
Documentation for other versions is available at

Cloudera ODBC Connector for MicroStrategy Installation Guide

The Cloudera Connector for MicroStrategy enables your enterprise users to access Hadoop data through the Business Intelligence application MicroStrategy 9.3.1. The driver achieves this by translating Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) calls from MicroStrategy into SQL and passing the SQL queries to the underlying Impala or Hive engines. The driver supports Cloudera Impala 1.0 and above, and the Apache Hive versions supplied with CDH 4.2 and above.

Version 2 of the ODBC driver works with the HiveServer2 protocol. This is an improvement to the original Hive communication protocol, featuring multi-client concurrency and authentication. It is supported by both Cloudera Impala, and Apache Hive in CDH 4.1 and higher. When using Impala, by default you connect to a different communication port than with the Version 1.x ODBC driver.

Refer to the following sources of information about the Impala and Hive components:
This driver is supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 6.x and 5.x. The 32-bit driver works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  Note: The Cloudera Connector for MicroStrategy currently only supports Kerberos on Linux, not on Windows.