CDS Powered by Apache Spark Version, Packaging, and Download Information

The following sections provide links to the parcel and service descriptor files for the different CDS versions, as well as information about using CDS with Maven.

CDS Versions Available for Download

Available CDS Versions
Version Custom Service Descriptor Parcel Repository
2.3 Release 4 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.3.0.cloudera4.jar
2.3 Release 3 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.3.0.cloudera3.jar
2.3 Release 2 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.3.0.cloudera2.jar
2.3 Release 1 Never officially released; if downloaded, do not use Never officially released; if downloaded, do not use
2.2 Release 4 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.2.0.cloudera4.jar
2.2 Release 3 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.2.0.cloudera3.jar
2.2 Release 2 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.2.0.cloudera2.jar
2.2 Release 1 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.2.0.cloudera1.jar
2.1 Release 3 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.1.0.cloudera3.jar
2.1 Release 2 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.1.0.cloudera2.jar
2.1 Release 1 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.1.0.cloudera1.jar
2.0 Release 2 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.0.0.cloudera2.jar
2.0 Release 1 SPARK2_ON_YARN-2.0.0.cloudera1.jar

CDS Powered by Apache Spark Maven Artifacts

The following pom fragment shows how to access a CDS Powered by Apache Spark artifact from a Maven POM. For information on how to use Spark Maven artifacts, see Using the CDH 5 Maven Repository.


When building Spark 2 applications, always change 2.10 to 2.11, and set the version to the Spark 2 version being used (for example, 2.0.0.cloudera1, 2.0.0.cloudera2, 2.2.0.cloudera2, or 2.3.0.cloudera3). These version names correspond to the name of the corresponding CDS parcel installed on the cluster.

Use this dependency definition to update pom.xml of the example described in Developing and Running a Spark WordCount Application. To account for changes in the Spark 2 API, before building the example, make the following updates to com.cloudera.sparkwordcount.JavaWordCount:
  • Add import java.util.Iterator;
  • Replace all instances of Iterable with Iterator.
  • Perform the following replacements:
    • return Arrays.asList(s.split(" ")); to return Arrays.asList(s.split(" ")).iterator();
    • return chars; to return chars.iterator();