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Cloudera Summer School provides the content you need to sharpen your skills in a range of topics (from machine learning to growing your business to cloud architectures), organised in both a business and a technical track.

How does it work?

You can choose as many topics as you like; scroll down to see a detailed list of what we have on offer. Each topic is delivered in two weekly shots of material. If you choose two or more topics, we will spread delivery out over a four week period so you won’t get overloaded. Unless that is, you tell us you’d like to get everything in one fell swoop since you’re going on holiday and would like to pack it in your suitcase to go through it all on the beach. It’s your choice.

Get your grades!

It wouldn’t be school without grades. In the fourth week, you’ll receive a short exam for each topic you selected so that you can test your knowledge.

Good grades get rewarded!

For each participant of the Cloudera Summer School that successfully passes the final exam, Cloudera will offer a 10% discount off Cloudera list price for one Cloudera OnDemand training class or certification for such participant. Terms and conditions apply.


Summer School has now ended

Here's what's on offer

Business track

Topic Description

Customer 360

Week one: 4.5 hours
Week two: 4 hours

Better understand your customers, learn from their behavior, and deliver personalized interactions based on all available data. Use data to build a truly comprehensive view of customers across multiple online touch points and enterprise systems.

We don’t stop at presenting intelligence to the business; we’ll show you how to automate your most valuable touch points and create real, engaging interactions with your customers.

Internet of Things

Week one: 3 hours
Week two: 3.5 hours

Organizations are increasingly focused on instrumenting their business in order to improve agility, increase market responsiveness and lower costs. Apart from conventional data sources, they are now looking at IoT and connected devices as a medium to drive efficiencies and improve customer experience. However, without the right data management strategy, your investments in IoT yield limited results.

We show you how to improve operational efficiencies, effectively predict outcomes, and deliver actionable insights, in real-time, from all of your traditional and emerging IoT data sources.

Protect your business

Week one: 4.5 hours
Week two: 3.5 hours

We help you to lower enterprise risk by expanding enterprise visibility and unlocking the power of machine learning and advanced analytics.

Increasing the volume and variety of data that your team can securely access and analyze allows you to reduce risk by discovering hidden anomalies and insights.

Technical track

Topic Description

Modernise IT

Week one: 5.5 hours
Week two: 5 hours

Big Data problems demand a modern data platform; one that can not only handle the volume, variety and velocity but also one that can scale and lets you switch between different workloads like data engineering, data science and analytics.

Find out how Cloudera’s platform is made up, how it evolves and details on specific components and deployment.

Data science and machine learning

Week one: 3 hours
Week two: 3 hours

With tremendous volumes of data at your disposal and low cost compute power, you can truly innovate and differentiate. Machine learning and data science let’s you identify patterns, spot anomalies as well as make predictions about the future.

Get under the covers of how we accelerate machine learning in the enterprise, so that you can make better predictions faster, with lower cost and risk.

Enterprise Analytics

Week one: 3.5 hours
Week two: 3 hours

With Cloudera’s modern analytic database, business users can explore and iterate on data quickly, run new reports and workloads, or access interactive dashboards, all without having to go through IT. At the same time, IT can eliminate the inefficiencies of siloed data by consolidating data marts into the scalable analytics platform, to better meet business needs.

Learn more about how data can be accessed by more users and more tools, to provide more value at a lower cost.

Moving to the cloud

Week one: 5 hours
Week two: 6 hours

Deploying to cloud presents a compelling opportunity to make any workload more agile and self-service. Most companies have cloud at the heart of their modern data strategy and are looking to reduce risk as well as costs by pursuing hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

With Cloudera, you have the choice. Get under the covers of the different approaches and applications.

Terms & conditions

This promotion is run by Cloudera, Inc. from 23 July 2018 to 31 August 2018. One entry per person only.

For each participant of the Cloudera Summer School that successfully passes the final exam, Cloudera will offer a 10% discount off Cloudera list price for one Cloudera OnDemand training class or certification for such participant. The promotion code will be valid for redemption when making an online booking, paying by credit card and can only be redeemed against OnDemand training and certification. The promotion code will expire on October 31st 2018 and can’t be used by another individual and/or in conjunction with any other offers. The promotion code is not transferable for use by another person.

Participants will automatically enter the Amazon voucher prize draw after successfully passing the final exam and completing the sentence: “Cloudera Summer School is…”. Cloudera will select 10 winners out of the submissions. Winners will receive a 50 Euro Amazon voucher (or local currency equivalent). Winning participants will be notified by email.

Participants must be aged 18 or over. Cloudera does not provide any warranty with respect to the prizes and any warranty claims shall be made against the manufacturer only. By entering Cloudera Summer School, participants are indicating his/her agreement to the bound of these terms and conditions.

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