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HBaseCon (founded in 2012) is the premier conference for the Apache HBase community—including committers/contributors, developers, operators, learners, and users (including some of those managing the largest deployments in the world). If you run Apache HBase in production or aspire to do so, HBaseCon has no substitute!

Apache HBase is a native distributed data store for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Its community works independently within the ASF to provide HBase software under the permissive Apache license.

San Francisco | May 24, 2016

The Village
969 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Attendees have exclusive access to a 15% discount on 3-day developer training for HBase, May 25-27 in San Francisco!

Note also: Attendees are invited to attend an HBase meetup on HBaseCon eve (May 23) hosted by Splice Machine, and "PhoenixCon" on May 25, hosted by Salesforce.

Program Committee

All paper proposals are evaluated and selected by a diverse cross-section of the HBase community (thanks, PC!):

Sean Busbey, Software Engineer, Cloudera / Apache HBase PMC
Elliott Clark, Engineer, Facebook / Apache HBase PMC
Lars Hofhansl, Architect, Salesforce.com / Apache HBase PMC
Matthew Hunt, Head of Open Source R&D, Bloomberg LP / Apache HBase Contributor
Francis Liu, Software Engineer, Yahoo! / Apache HBase Contributor
Carter Page, Senior Engineering Manager, Google Bigtable Team
Andrew Purtell, Architect, Salesforce.com / Apache HBase PMC Chair
Enis Söztutar, Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks / Apache HBase PMC
Michael Stack, Software Engineer, Cloudera / Apache HBase PMC


Time Development & Internals Operations Applications
7:30am-6:30pm Registration Open
7:30am-8:30pm Exhibits Open
7:30am-8:50am Breakfast

Pre-conference Session: Apache HBase - Just the Basics
Jesse Anderson (Smoking Hand)

This early-morning session offers an overview of what HBase is, how it works, its API, and considerations for using HBase as part of a Big Data solution. It will be helpful for people who are new to HBase, and also serve as a refresher for those who may need one.

9am-10:40am Opening General Session

Keynote: Welcome Message/State of Apache HBase
Apache HBase PMC

An update about achievements by the community since HBaseCon 2015, and what's in the works.

Keynote: The Road to Apache HBase
Cesar Delgado (Apple)

The story of HBase at Apple.

Keynote: Apache HBase at Yahoo! Scale
Francis Liu (Yahoo!)

Yahoo has long been involved in HBase and its community. In 2013, HBase was offered as a hosted service at Yahoo. Since then, adoption has grown rapidly., and today, HBase is used by numerous teams across the company, helping to enable a diverse set of use cases ranging from near real-time processing to data warehousing.

This was made possible thanks to HBase along with some enhancements to support multi-tenancy and scale. As our clusters continue to grow and use cases become more demanding we are working towards supporting a million regions in a single cluster.

In this keynote, we’ll paint a picture of where Yahoo! is today and the enhancements we have been working on to reach today’s scale as well as supporting a million regions and beyond.

Keynote: Facebook's Return to (Real) Open Source 
Elliott Clark (Facebook)

Facebook internally has a long history with Apache Hadoop and HBase. A while ago Facebook engineers essentially forked HBase and created the 0.98-fb branch. While its source was out in the open, it wasn't easy to take any code from 0.98-fb and apply the wins to HBase releases. The inverse was also very true: As time went on, the two branches drifted apart and became very different. For the past year, Facebook has been working to rejoin the Apache world. And now, it has succeeded: Our production clusters are running all open source code. I will discuss the motivations for returning, what the major differences were, and what went right/wrong on that journey. Finally, I will set out some aspirations for what we would like to see as focus areas in the coming year.

10:40am-11am Break

Apache HBase Improvements and Practices at Xiaomi
Duo Zhang and Liangliang He (Xiaomi)

In this session, we’ll discuss the various practices around HBase in use at Xiaomi, including those relating to HA, tiered compaction, multi-tenancy, and failover across data centers.

Argus Production Monitoring at Salesforce
Tom Valine and Bhinav Sura (Salesforce)

We’ll present details about Argus, a time-series monitoring and alerting platform developed at Salesforce to provide insight into the health of infrastructure as an alternative to systems such as Graphite and Seyren.

The Inevitability of Bigtable
Michael O’Reilly (Google)

Why is Bigtable the way it is? This session will be a walk-through of designing a storage system from scratch, exploring why physics pushes us toward designs that look a lot like Bigtable.


Apache HBase, Accelerated: In-Memory Flush and Compaction
Eshcar Hillel and Anastasia Braginsky (Yahoo!)

Real-time HBase application performance depends critically on the amount of I/O in the datapath. Here we’ll describe an optimization of HBase for high-churn applications that frequently insert/update/delete the same keys, such as for high-speed queuing and e-commerce.

Apache HBase Replication at Scale
Ashu Pauchari (Facebook)

Disaster readiness and high data availability form essential components in any production cluster, and HBase clusters at Facebook are no different in this regard. This session presents how HBase data replication forms a key component in ensuring that we achieve these objectives.

Apache HBase in the Enterprise Data Hub at Cerner
Swarnim Kulkarni (Cerner)

Cerner has been an active consumer of HBase for a very long time, storing petabytes of healthcare data in its multiple isolated HBase clusters. This talk will walk through the design of Cerner's enterprise data hub with a focus on the multi-tenant HBase as a service offering within the hub.

12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch

Tales from Taming the Long Tail
Deepankar Reddy and Ishan Chhabra (Rocket Fuel)

Rocket Fuel is a marketing technology company that participates in 120+ billion real-time bidding auctions daily to show the right ad to the right user at the right time for our clients. In this talk, we discuss our efforts to systematically identify causes of, and how to decrease, long-tail read latencies.

Update on OpenTSDB and AsyncHBase
Chris Larsen (Yahoo!)

This year we'll talk about the joys of the HBase Fuzzy Row Filter, new TSDB filters, expression support, Graphite functions and running OpenTSDB on top of Google’s hosted Bigtable. AsyncHBase now includes per-RPC timeouts, append support, Kerberos auth, and a beta implementation in Go.

Apache HBase at Airbnb
Jingwei Lu and Jason Zhang (Airbnb)

AirStream is a realtime stream computation framework built on top of Spark Streaming and HBase that allows our engineers and data scientists to easily leverage HBase to get real-time insights and build real-time feedback loops. In this talk, we will introduce AirStream, and then go over a few production use cases.


Improvements to Apache HBase and Its Applications in Alibaba Search
Yu Li and Shaoxuan Wang (Alibaba)

HBase is the core storage system in Alibaba’s Search Infrastructure. In this session, we will talk about the details of how we use HBase to serve such high-throughput, low-latency, mixed workloads and the various improvements we made to HBase to meet these challenges.

Apache HBase Security at Scale
Gary Helmling (Facebook)

Building on top of Kerberos authentication, HBase security brings with it new operational burdens and failure modes, as well as new requirements in provisioning and configuration. In this talk, we will describe how we rolled out HBase security within Facebook, and some of the challenges we faced along the way.

Rolling Out Apache HBase for Mobile Offerings at Visa
Partha Saha and CW Chung (Visa)

Visa has embarked on an ambitious multi-year redesign of its entire data platform that powers its business. As part of this plan, the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, including HBase, will now become a staple in many of its solutions. Here, we will describe our journey in rolling out a high-availability NoSQL solution based on HBase behind some of our prominent mobile offerings.


Off-heaping the Apache HBase Read Path
Anoop Sam John and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel)

HBase provides an LRU based on heap cache but its size (and so the total data size that can be cached) is limited by Java’s max heap space. This talk highlights our work under HBASE-11425 to allow the HBase read path to work directly from the off-heap area.

Containerizing Apache HBase Clusters
David Pope and Javier Maestro (Facebook)

At Facebook, all production HBase clusters run in a containerized environment, with every daemon running inside its own LXC container. Containerization allows us to ensure isolation between services running on the same host and simplify operations, but sometimes abstractions leak and problems can't be addressed inside the container. In this talk, we will discuss how Facebook runs HBase as a stateful service inside containers.

Time-Series Apache HBase (20 mins.) / Date-tiered Compaction Policy for Time-series Data (20 mins.)
Vladimir Rodionov (Hortonworks) / Clara Xiong (Flurry/Yahoo!)

Time-series applications (sensor data, application/system logging events, user interactions etc) present a new set of data storage challenges: very high velocity and very high volume of data. This talk will present the recent development in Apache HBase that make it a good fit for time-series applications.

With petabytes of data on thousands of nodes replicated across multiple data centers, growing at an accelerating rate, we have been running a workload at scale with a bottleneck of IO bandwidth. This talk covers a new compaction policy to improve efficiency for time-range scans of various look-back windows by structuring and maintaining a date-tiered store file layout for time-series data with infrequent updates and deletes.

3:50pm-4:10pm Break

Optimizing Apache HBase for Cloud Storage in Microsoft Azure HDInsight
Nitin Verma, Pravin Mittal, and Maxim Lukiyanov (Microsoft)

This session presents our success story of enabling a big internal customer on Microsoft Azure’s HBase service along with the methodology and tools used to meet high-throughput goals. We will also present how new features in HBase (like BucketCache and MultiWAL) are helping our customers in the medium-latency/high-bandwidth cloud-storage scenario.

Solving Multi-tenancy and G1GC in Apache HBase
Graham Baecher & Patrick Dignan (HubSpot)

At HubSpot, all HBase clusters run with G1GC and are highly multi-tenant, powering hundreds of unique APIs, Hadoop jobs, daemons, and crons. This two-part talk will cover challenges and solutions involving HBase multi-tenancy and G1GC tuning at HubSpot, including an overview of our request-by-request monitoring and analysis tools and how we identify/address G1 settings and behaviors that might be causing performance or stability problems.

Apache Kylin’s Performance Boost from Apache HBase (20 mins.) / In Search of Database Nirvana: Challenges of Delivering HTAP (20 mins.)
Hongbin Ma and Luke Han (Kyligence) / Rohit Jain (Esgyn)

Part 1:
Apache Kylin is an open source distributed analytics engine that provides a SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis on Hadoop supporting extremely large datasets. In the forthcoming Kylin release, we optimized query performance by exploring the potentials of parallel storage on top of HBase. This talk explains how that work was done.

Part 2:
Customers are looking for one database engine to address all their varied needs--from transactional to analytical workloads--against structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data (Gartner’s term Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing, or HTAP, perhaps comes closest to describing this nirvana.) But can it be achieved? The motivation of this talk is to establish a framework for assessing the maturity and capabilities of query engines on Apache Hadoop ecosystem storage engines such as HBase in meeting these diverse needs.


Apache Spark on Apache HBase: Current and Future
Ted Malaska (Cloudera), Jean-Marc Spaggiari (Cloudera), Zhan Zhang (Hortonworks)

The integration of Spark and HBase is becoming more popular in online data analytics. In this session, we briefly walk through the current offering of the HBase-Spark module in HBase at an abstract level and for RDD and DataFrames (digging into some real-world implementations and code examples), and then discuss future work.

BigBucket Cache, Texas Edition (20 mins.) / Breaking the Sound Barrier with Persistent Memory (20 mins.)
Viplava Madasu (HPE) and Michael Stack (Cloudera) / Liqi Yi and Shylaja Kokoori (Intel)

Part 1:
HBase read performance is important for HPE and Cloudera customers. As such, to fully take advantage of hardware capabilities, HBase BucketCache needs to perform and scale well. This talk covers adventures in BucketCache internals on the way to reaching 4 million ops (YCSB Workload C) in a 4U rack space.

Part 2:
A fully optimized HBase cluster could easily hit the limit of the underlying storage device’s capability, which is beyond the reach of software optimization alone. To get around this constraint, we need a new design that brings data processing and data storage closer together. In this presentation, we will look at how persistent memory will change the way large datasets are stored. We will review the hardware characteristics of 3D XPoint™, a new persistent memory technology with low latency and high capacity. We will also discuss opportunities for further improvement within the HBase framework using persistent memory.

Apache Phoenix: Use Cases and New Features
James Taylor (Salesforce) and Maryann Xue (Intel)

This talk with be broken into two parts: Phoenix use cases and new Phoenix features. Three use cases will be presented as lightning talks by individuals from 1) Sony about its social media NewsSuite app, 2) eHarmony on its matching service, and 3) Salesforce.com on its time-series metrics engine. Two new features will be discussed in detail by the engineers who developed them: ACID transactions in Phoenix through Apache Tephra. and cost-based query optimization through Apache Calcite. The focus will be on helping end users more easily develop scalable applications on top of Phoenix.

5:50pm-6:30pm Closing General Session

Keynote: The Future of Apache HBase (Panel)
Moderated by Lars Hofhansl (Salesforce), with Matteo Bertozzi (Cloudera), John Leach (Splice Machine), Maxim Lukiyanov (Microsoft), Matt Mullins (Facebook), and Carter Page (Google)

The future of HBase, via a variety of viewpoints.

6:30pm-8:30pm HBaseCon Party!


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HBaseCon is the best opportunity in the world (literally) to access the entire Apache HBase community under one roof.

Download a prospectus here; email us at hbasecon@cloudera.com for info.

Archives ◆◆◆

2016 - Presentations & Recordings



Session Title

General Session (Morning)    

Michael Stack, Enis Söztutar

Welcome Message/State of Apache HBase (Slides | Recording) / Apache HBase at Yahoo! Scale (Slides)

Intro to HBase

Jesse Anderson

HBase: Just the Basics (Slides | Recording)


Tom Valine and Bhinav Sura (Salesforce)

Argus Production Monitoring at Salesforce (Slides | Recording)


Chris Larsen (Yahoo!)

Update on OpenTSDB and AsyncHBase (Slides | Recording)


Graham Baecher & Patrick Dignan (HubSpot)

Solving Multi-tenancy and G1GC in Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Viplava Madasu (HPE) and Michael Stack (Cloudera) / Liqi Yi and Shylaja Kokoori (Intel)

BigBucket Cache, Texas Edition (Slides) / Breaking the Sound Barrier with Persistent Memory (Slides) (Recording)

Dev & Internals   

Duo Zhang and Liangliang He (Xiaomi)

Apache HBase Improvements and Practices at Xiaomi (Slides | Recording)


Anastasia Braginsky (Yahoo!)

Apache HBase: In-Memory Flush and Compaction (Slides | Recording)


Deepankar Reddy and Ishan Chhabra (Rocket Fuel)

Tales from Taming the Long Tail (Slides | Recording)


Yu Li and Shaoxuan Wang (Alibaba)

Apache HBase in Alibaba Search (Slides | Recording)


Anoop Sam John and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel)

Off-heaping the Apache HBase Read Path (Slides | Recording)


Nitin Verma, Pravin Mittal, and Maxim Lukiyanov (Microsoft)    

Optimizing Apache HBase for Cloud Storage in Microsoft Azure HDInsight (Slides | Recording)


Ted Malaska (Cloudera), Jean-Marc Spaggiari (Cloudera), Zhan Zhang (Hortonworks)

Apache Spark on Apache HBase: Current and Future (Slides | Recording)


Swarnim Kulkarni (Cerner)

Apache HBase in the Enterprise Data Hub at Cerner (Slides | Recording)


Jingwei Lu and Jason Zhang (Airbnb)

Apache HBase at Airbnb (Slides | Recording)


Partha Saha and CW Chung (Visa)

Rolling Out Apache HBase for Mobile Offerings at Visa (Slides | Recording)


Vladimir Rodionov (Hortonworks) / Clara Xiong (Flurry/Yahoo!)

Time-Series Apache HBase (Slides) / Date-tiered Compaction Policy for Time-series Data (Slides) (Recording)


Hongbin Ma and Luke Han (Kyligence) / Rohit Jain (Esgyn)

Apache Kylin’s Performance Boost from Apache HBase (Slides) / In Search of Database Nirvana: Challenges of Delivering HTAP (Slides) (Recording)


James Taylor (Salesforce) and Maryann Xue (Intel)

Apache Phoenix: Use Cases and New Features (Slides | Recording)

General Session (Afternoon)

Lars Hofhansl (Salesforce), Matteo Bertozzi (Cloudera), John Leach (Splice Machine), Maxim Lukiyanov (Microsoft), Matt Mullins (Facebook), and Carter Page (Google)

Panel: Future of Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)

2015 - Presentations & Recordings



Session Title

General Session    

Andrew Purtell, Michael Stack, Enis Söztutar, Carter Page, Raghavendra Prabhu, Xun Liu, Matthew Hunt, Sudarshan Kadambi

Welcome Messages / State of HBase (Slides) / Bigtable at Google / Zen @ Pinterest (Slides) / HBase @ Bloomberg (Slides) (Recording)

Intro to HBase

Jesse Anderson

HBase: Just the Basics (Slides | Recording)


Rahul Gidwandi, Ian Friedman (Yahoo!)

HBase Operations in a Flurry (Slides | Recording)


Jeremy Carroll, Tian-Ying Chang (Pinterest)

HBase at Scale in an Online and High-Demand Environment (Slides | Recording)


Chris Larsen (Yahoo!), Benoit Sigoure (Arista Networks)

OpenTSDB and AsyncHBase Update (Slides | Recording)


Francis Liu, Vandana Ayyalasomayajula, Virag Kothari (Yahoo!)

Multitenancy in HBase: Learnings from Yahoo! (Slides | Recording)


Clay Baenziger (Bloomberg), Jeremy Carroll (Pinterest), Elliott Clark (Facebook), Dave Coyle (Dropbox), Max Luebbe (Google), Joey Parsons (Flipboard)

Smooth Operators Panel (Recording)


Shaohui Liu, Jianwei Cui (Xiaomi)

HBase Operations at Xiaomi (Slides | Recording)


Cosmin Lehene (Adobe)

Elastic HBase on Mesos (Slides | Recording)


Nitin Aggarwal, Ishan Chhabra (Rocket Fuel)

DeathStar: Easy, Dynamic, Multi-tenant HBase via YARN (Slides | Recording)

Dev & Internals   

Enis Söztutar (Hortonworks), Solomon Duskis (Google)

Meet HBase 1.0 (Slides | Recording)


Matteo Bertozzi (Cloudera), Sean Busbey (Cloudera), Jingcheng Du (Intel), Lars Hofhansl (Salesforce), Jon Hsieh (Cloudera), Enis Söztutar (Hortonworks), Jimmy Xiang (Cloudera)

HBase 2.0 and Beyond: Panel (Slides | Recording)


Lars Hofhansl (Salesforce)

HBase Performance Tuning @ Salesforce (Slides | Recording)


Abraham Elmahrek (Cloudera), Colin McCabe (Cloudera)

Solving HBase Performance Problems with Apache HTrace (Slides | Recording)


Ted Malaska (Cloudera)

HBase and Spark (Slides | Recording)


David Mackenzie (Box)    

Events @ Box: Using HBase as a Message Queue (Slides | Recording)


Misty Stanley-Jones (Cloudera)

State of HBase Docs and How to Contribute (Slides | Recording)


Gary Helmling (Cask Data)

Reusable Data Access Patterns with CDAP Datasets (Slides | Recording)


Eric Kaczmarek (Intel), Liqi Yi (Intel)

Taming GC Pauses for Large Java Heap in HBase (Slides | Recording)


Ido Karavany (Intel)

HBase as an IoT Stream Analytics Platform for Parkinson's Disease Research (Slides | Recording)


James Taylor (Salesforce), Maryann Xue (Intel)

Apache Phoenix: The Evolution of a Relational Database Layer over HBase (Slides | Recording)


Swarnim Kulkarni (Cerner), Brock Noland (StreamSets), Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks)

Analyzing HBase Data with Apache Hive (Slides | Recording)


Seshu Adunuthula (eBay)

Apache Kylin: Extreme OLAP Engine for Hadoop (Slides | Recording)


Maxim Lukiyanov (Microsoft), Ashit Gosalia (Microsoft)

Optimizing HBase for the Cloud in Microsoft Azure HDInsight (Slides | Recording)


Jimmy Lin (University of Maryland)

Warcbase: Scaling 'Out' and 'Down' HBase for Web Archiving (Slides | Recording)


Anoop Sharma (HP), Rohit Jain (HP)

Trafodion: Integrating Operational SQL into HBase (Slides | Recording)


Julian Hyde (Hortonworks), Rohit Jain (HP), Dr. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris (LeanXScale), John Leach (Splice Machine), Jacques Nadeau (MapR), James Taylor (Salesforce)

SQL-on-HBase Smackdown: Panel (Recording)

Use Cases

Sang Chi, Jason Culverhouse, Matt Blair (Flipboard)

HBase @ Flipboard (Slides | Recording)


Aaron Carreras (FINRA)     

Graph Processing of Stock Market Order Flow in HBase on AWS (Slides | Recording)


Andrey Gusev (Sift Science)

Running ML Infrastructure on HBase (Slides | Recording)


Shyam Nath (GE), Arnab Guin (GE)

Industrial Internet Case Study using HBase and TSDB (Slides | Recording)


Doyung Yoon (DaumKakao), Taejin Chin (DaumKakao)

S2Graph: A Large-scale Graph Database with HBase (Slides | Recording)


Toshihiro Suzuki (CyberAgent), Hirotaka Kakishima (CyberAgent)

HBase @ CyberAgent (Slides | Recording)


Ishan Chhabra (Rocket Fuel), Nitin Aggarwal (Rocket Fuel), Venkata Deepankar Duvvuru (Rocket Fuel)

Blackbird Collections: In-situ Stream Processing in HBase (Slides | Recording)


Alan Steckley (Salesforce), Poorna Chandra (Cask Data)

NRT Event Processing with Guaranteed Delivery of HTTP Callbacks (Slides | Recording)

2014 - Presentations & Recordings



Session Title

General Session    

Michael Stack, Amr Awadallah, Carter Page, Liyin Tang, Lars Hofhansl

Welcome Messages / Bigtable at Google / HBase @ Salesforce.com (Recording)

Intro to HBase

Jesse Anderson

HBase: Just the Basics (Slides | Recording)


Dheeraj Kapur, Rajiv Chittajallu & Anish Mathew (Yahoo!)

Harmonizing Multi-tenant HBase Clusters for Managing Workload Diversity (Slides | Recording)


Jean-Daniel Cryans (Cloudera)

The State of HBase Replication (Slides | Recording)


Bryan Beaudreault (HubSpot)

Real-time HBase: Lessons from the Cloud (Slides | Recording)


Kevin O'Dell, Aleksandr Shulman & Kathleen Ting (Cloudera)

Tales from the Cloudera Field (Slides | Recording)


Jesse Yates (Salesforce.com), Demai Ni, Richard Ding & Jing Chen He (IBM)

HBase Backups (Slides | Recording)


Shreeganesh Ramanan and Mike Davis (Optimizely)

From MongoDB to HBase in Six Easy Months (Slides | Recording)


Moderated by Eric Sammer (Scaling Data)

"Smooth Operators" Panel: Jeremy Carroll (Pinterest), Adam Frank (Flurry), and Paul Tuckfield (Facebook) (Recording)

Features & Internals   

Enis Söztutar and Devaraj Das (Hortonworks)

HBase Read High Availability Using Timeline-Consistent Region Replicas (Slides | Recording)


Andrew Purtell and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel)

New Security Features in Apache HBase 0.98: An Operator's Guide (Slides | Recording)


Eric Chang (Opower) and Jean-Daniel Cryans (Cloudera)

Bulk Loading in the Wild: Ingesting the World's Energy Data (Slides | Recording)


Liang Xie and Honghua Feng (Xiaomi)

HBase at Xiaomi (Slides | Recording)


Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks) and Nicolas Liochon (Scaled Risk)

HBase: Where Online Meets Low Latency (Slides | Recording)


Lars Hofhansl, Andrew Purtell, Enis Söztutar, Michael Stack, and Liyin Tang    

Meet the Release Managers (Slides | Recording)


Vladimir Rodionov (bigbase.org)

HBase: Extreme Makeover (Slides | Recording)


Eli Levine, James Taylor (Salesforce.com) & Maryann Xue (Intel)

Taming HBase with Apache Phoenix and SQL (Slides | Recording)


Pete Matern and Jonathan Colt (Jive Software)

Tasmo: Building HBase Applications From Event Streams (Slides | Recording)


Jingcheng Du and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel)

Cross-Site BigTable using HBase (Slides | Recording)


Jonathan Natkins (WibiData)

Design Patterns for Building 360-degree Views with HBase and Kiji (Slides | Recording)


Adam Warrington (Cloudera)

HBase Data Modeling and Access Patterns with Kite SDK (Slides | Recording)


Chris Larsen (Limelight Networks) and Benoit Sigoure (Arista Networks)

OpenTSDB 2.0 (Slides | Recording)


Manukranth Kolloju (Facebook)

Presto + HBase: A Distributed SQL Query Execution Engine on Top of HBase (No slides or Recording)

Case Studies

Eric Czech and Alec Zopf (Next Big Sound)

Data Evolution in HBase (Slides | Recording)


Ishan Chhabra, Shrijeet Paliwal & Abhijit Pol (Rocket Fuel)     

Blackbird: Storing Billions of Rows a Couple of Milliseconds Away (Slides | Recording)


Daniel Nelson (Nielsen)

Content Identification using HBase (Slides | Recording)


Ron Buckley (OCLC)

Digital Library Collection Management using HBase (Slides | Recording)


Sudarshan Kadambi and Matthew Hunt (Bloomberg LP)

HBase at Bloomberg (Slides | Recording)


Francis Liu (Yahoo!)

HBase Design Patterns @ Yahoo! (Slides | Recording)


Varun Sharma (Pinterest)

Large-scale Web Apps @ Pinterest (Slides | Recording)


Chris Huang and Scott Miao (Trend Micro)

A Graph Service for Global Web Entities Traversal and Reputation Evaluation Based on HBase (Slides | Recording)


Lars George and Jon Hsieh (Cloudera)

A Survey of HBase Application Archetypes (Slides | Recording)

2013 - Presentations & Recording



Session Title

General Session    

Michael Stack

Welcome (Recording)


Amr Awadallah

The Apache HBase Community: Best Ever and Getting Better (Recording)


Michael Stack & Lars Hofhansl    

State of the Apache HBase Union (Recording)


Aaron Kimball

The Apache HBase Ecosystem (Recording)


Liyin Tang

Overview of Apache HBase at Facebook


Amitanan Aiyer

Reliability: More 9′s for Apache HBase


Jeremy Carroll

Apache HBase Operations at Pinterest (Slides | Recording)


Jonathan Creasy & Geoff Anderson

OpenTSDB at Box (Slides | Recording)


JD Cryans & Kevin O’dell

Apache HBase, Meet Ops. Ops, Meet HBase (Slides | Recording)


Matt Kennedy & Torben Mathiasen

Apache HBase on Flash (Slides | Recording)


Benoit Sigoure

Scalable Network Designs for Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Moderated by Eric Sammer

Panel: Jeremy Carroll (Pinterest), Rajiv Chittajallu (Yahoo!), Dave Latham (Flurry), Alex Levchuk (Facebook) (Recording)


Devaraj Das & Nicolas Liochon

How to Get the MTTR Below 1 Minute and More (Slides | Recording)


Jonathan Hsieh & Matteo Bertozzi & Jesse Yates

Apache HBase Table Snapshots (Slides | Recording)


Sergey Shelukhin

Compaction Improvements in Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Enis Söztutar

Apache HBase and HDFS: Understanding Filesystem Usage in HBase (Slides | Recording)


Chris Trezzo

Apache HBase Replication (Slides | Recording)


Ian Varley

1500 JIRAs in 20 Minutes (Slides | Recording)


John Weatherford

A Developer's Guide to Coprocessors (Slides | Recording)


Moderated by Todd Lipcon

Panel: Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks), Jonathan Gray (Continuuity), Lars Hofhansl (Salesforce.com), Andrew Purtell (Intel) (Recording)


Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Using Coprocessors to Index Columns in an Elasticsearch Cluster (Slides | Recording)


Dan Burkert

Honeycomb: MySQL Backed by Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Gokhan Capan

Apache HBase for Dealing with Large Matrices (Slides | Recording)


Elliott Clark

Impala: Using SQL to Extract Value from Apache HBase (Recording)


Elliott Clark

Using Metrics to Monitor and Debug Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Lars George & Andrew Wang

Project Valta – A Resource Management Layer over Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Jacques Nadeau

Apache Drill – A Community Driven Initiative to Deliver ANSI SQL Capabilities for HBase (Slides | Recording)


Jonathan Natkins & Juliet Hougland

Real-Time Model Scoring in Recommender Systems (Slides | Recording)


Andreas Neumann & Alex Baranau

High-Throughput, Transactional Stream Processing on Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Steven Noels

HBase SEP: Reliable Maintenance of Auxiliary Index Structures (Slides | Recording)


Hari Shreedharan

Streaming Data into Apache HBase Using Flume (Slides | Recording)


Enis Söztutar & Ashutosh Chauhan

Integration of Apache Hive and Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


James Taylor

How (and why) Phoenix Puts the SQL Back into NoSQL (Slides | Recording)


Maryann Xue

Full-text Indexing for Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)

Case Studies

Swati Agarwal & Raj Stanneru

Near Real Time Indexing for eBay Search (Slides | Recording)


Murtaza Doctor & Giang Nguyen    

Real-time User Segmentation using Apache HBase: Architectural Case Study (Slides | Recording)


Neil Ferguson

Mixing Low Latency with Analytical Workloads for Customer Experience Management (Slides | Recording)


Ameya Kanitkar

Deal Personalization Engine with HBase (Slides | Recording)


Manoj Khanwalkar & Govind Asawa

ETL for Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Doug Meil

Evolving a First-Generation Apache HBase Deployment to Second Generation and Beyond (Slides | Recording)


Jeremy Pollack

Apache HBase, Apache Hadoop, DNA and YOU! (Slides | Recording)


Robert Roland

Rebuilding for Scale on Apache HBase (Slides | Recording)


Varun Sharma

Apache HBase at Pinterest: Scaling Our Feed Storage (Slides | Recording)


Francis Liu & Sumeet Singh

Multi-tenant Apache HBase at Yahoo! (Recording)


Suman Srinivasan

Apache Hadoop and Apache HBase for Real-Time Recording Analytics (Slides | Recording)


Jay Talreja

Being Smarter than the Smart Meter – Cloud Operational Grid Analytics (Slides | Recording)

2012 - Presentations & Recordings



Session Title

General Session    

Michael Stack & Mike Olson    



Amr Awadallah

The Apache HBase Community: Best Ever and Getting Better


Karthik Raganathan

HBase at Facebook


Ryan Thiessen

Case Study of HBase Operations at Facebook


Sunil Sitaula & Madhuwanti Vaidya

HBase Backup


Lars George

HBase Coprocessors - Deploy Shared Functionality Directly on the Cluster (Slides | Recording)


Jeff Bean, Jonathan Hsieh & Kathleen Ting

Supporting HBase: How to Stabilize, Diagnose, and Repair (Recording)


Andrew Purtell

HBase Security for the Enterprise (Slides | Recording)


Moderated by Eric Sammer

Panel: Aravind Gottipati (StumbleUpon), Dave Latham (Flurry), Ryan Thiessen (Facebook) (No recording)


David Wang

Lightning Talk | Base Metrics: What They Mean to You (Slides | Recording)


Robert Berger

Lightning Talk | Orchestrating Clusters with Ironfan and Chef (Slides | Recording)


Elliott Clark

Lightning Talk | Unique Sets on HBase and Hadoop (Slides | Recording)


Rick Tucker

Lightning Talk | Developing Real Time Analytics Applications Using HBase in the Cloud (Slides | Recording)


Todd Lipcon

HBase and HDFS: Past, Present, and Future (Slides | Recording)


Lars George

HBase Filtering (Slides | Recording)


Lars Hofhansl

Learning HBase Internals (Slides | Recording)


Benoit Sigoure

Lessons learned from OpenTSDB (Slides | Recording)


Ian Varley

HBase Schema Design (Slides | Recording)


Mikhail Bautin

HBase Performance Tuning and Optimizations (No recording)


Aaron Kimball

Lightning Talk | Living Data: Applying Adaptable Schemas to HBase (Slides | Recording)


Berk Demir

Lightning Talk | Content Addressable Storages for Fun and Profit (Slides | Recording)


Kyungseog Oh

Lightning Talk | Solbase (Slides | Recording)


Francis Liu

Lightning Talk | Relaxed Transactions for HBase (Slides | Recording)

Applications 1

Jacques Nadeau

Building a Large Search Platform on a Shoestring Budget (Slides | Recording)


Brent Halsey

Real Performance Gains With Real Time Data (Recording)


Nate Putnam

Building Mobile Infrastructure with HBase (Slides | Recording)


Cosmin Lehene

Low Latency "OLAP" with HBase (Slides | Recording)


Blake Matheny

Growing Your Inbox, HBase at Tumblr (Slides | Recording)


Alex Newman

Overcoming Data Deluge with HBase to Help Save the Environment (Slides | Recording)


Vrushali Channapattan

Lightning Talk | HBase powered Merchant Lookup Service at Intuit (Slides | Recording)


Thomas Pan

Lightning Talk | HBase, the Use Case in eBay Cassini (Slides | Recording)


Nick Dimiduk

Lightning Talk | Scaling GIS in Three Acts (Slides | Recording)

Applications 2

Gupta Gogula & Suraj Varma

Gap Inc Direct: Serving Apparel Catalog from HBase for Live Website (Slides | Recording)


Anshuman Singh

Facebook Messages Application Server Using HBase (No recording)


Dan Lynn

Storing and Manipulating Graphs in HBase (Slides | Recording)


Stanislav Barton

Mignify: A Big Data Refinery Built on HBase (Slides | Recording)


Doug Meil

Real-Time and Batch HBase for Healthcare at Explorys (Slides | Recording)


Alex Baranau

Real-time Analytics with HBase (Slides | Recording)


Satnam Alag

Lightning Talk | Leveraging HBase for the World's Largest Curated Genomic Data Collection (Slides | Recording)


Chris Niemiera

Lightning Talk | You've got HBase! How AOL Mail Handles Big Data (Slides | Recording)


Steven Noels

Lightning Talk | Getting Real about Interactive Big Data Management with Lily & HBase (Slides | Recording)


Ron Buckley

Lightning Talk | HBase for the World's Libraries (Slides | Recording)

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