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Keynotes and Fireside chat


Keynotes and Fireside chat

  • Opening - Mick Hollison, CMO, Cloudera
  • Keynote 1: Making the Impossible Possible
    Speaker: Tom Reilly, CEO, Cloudera
    Abstract: Data is fundamentally changing and shaping the world around us. From mobile devices to connected vehicles, from the ER to the C-suite, data is being generated and consumed at an incredible rate. In this presentation, we’ll explore how Cloudera’s modern data platform is helping companies harness the power of data to make what’s impossible today possible tomorrow.
  • Keynote 2: The Cognitive Corporation
    Speaker: Tom Davenport, Professor of IT and Management, Babson College; co-founder International Institute for Analytics & a Fellow of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
    Abstract: Cognitive technologies offer the possibility of new and potentially disruptive opportunities to many businesses today. A growing number of firms are building ongoing capabilities to develop and use these technologies. In this presentation Tom Davenport will describe the constellation of cognitive technologies and some reasons why they are proliferating. He’ll also discuss the strategies companies can adopt to incorporate cognitive capabilities into their businesses. Examples of early adopters will make tangible the potential of this important new factor in competitive success.
  • Fireside chat: Fostering a Data Driven Culture
    Speakers: Tom Davenport and Amy O’Connor, Big Data Evangelist, Cloudera
    Abstract: Becoming a data-driven organization requires far more than just technology. In fact, most successful companies look inward first, ensuring they have the right people and processes to foster a culture where data can thrive. In this fireside chat, Tom and Amy will discuss common traits of data-driven organizations, and share the five key things that all  companies must do to achieve big data success.
  • What AI Actually is in 2017
    Speaker: Hilary Mason, Founder and CEO of Fast Forward Labs
  • Intel, Cloudera, and Artificial Intelligence
    Speaker: Jason Waxman, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter Solutions Group, Intel
  • Closing—Mick Hollison



Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning for IoT - ( Business Solutions )

Speakers: Dave Shuman, Industry Lead, Cloudera and Vijay Raja, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Cloudera

Abstract: With 30–50 billion things connected by 2020, IoT has the potential to be one of the most disruptive technological advances in recent ages. However, without the right data management strategy and tools, investments in IoT can only yield limited results. This session will explore the unique data management challenges and considerations for IoT—including patterns to enable real-time analytics and machine learning. We’ll also explore compelling IoT customer use cases and case studies that Cloudera is powering today.


Get More from Your Data in the Cloud - (Technology )

Speaker: David Tishgart, Director, Strategic Marketing

Abstract: From speeding application deployment to delivering greater end-user self service, cloud infrastructure can deliver a number of benefits back to your business. But to truly rule the cloud, companies must first consider how to tune their data architecture to take advantage of these unique qualities. In this session, we will cover how to run Cloudera on public cloud optimizing for simplicity, agility, and flexibility.


Lessons from Integrating Machine Learning Models into Data Products - ( Data Science Practitioner )

Speaker: Sharath Rao, Data Scientist and Engineering Manager, Instacart

Abstract: In this talk, we will share practical lessons and patterns for building machine learning (ML) models in production, based on our experience with search ranking and recommendation systems at Instacart. There will also be a detailed discussion on the technical challenges in building an ML-features pipeline, one of which is now shared across multiple data products at Instacart.


The Big Picture: Building a Customer Data Hub - ( Business Solutions )

Speaker: Sean Anderson, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Cloudera

Abstract: Customers are everything, and your interaction with them often starts before your first sale and continues long after. Buried in each of these engagements is true business insight. By understanding key behaviors and tailoring each engagement across multiple platforms (web, mobile, in-store), you will become more relevant to your users and strengthen your brand. See how Cloudera, along with our extensive partner network, can unlock the patterns in data that help enhance customer relationships.


Business Solutions Modernizing BI & Analytics - ( Technology )

Speaker: Alex Gutow, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera

Abstract: Business intelligence and analytics continue to be the lifeblood of business. But many enterprises are stuck in a pattern of simply trying to keep up with the status quo, instead of shifting for the future to take on new and changing data types, get real-time insights, and optimize for the cloud. This session covers the key drivers for modernizing the analytic database, the technologies that bring high-performance SQL to big data, and how you can ultimately get more value from your data at a lower cost.


Panel: Challenges in Building Data Science Products - ( Data Science Practitioner )

Moderator: Clare Corthell, Data Product Manager, Clover Health


  • Derek Steer, CEO, Mode

  • Daniel Tunkelang, Consultant

  • Grant Ingersoll, CTO, Lucidworks

  • Chris Nicholson, CEO, Skymind

  • Matt Brandwein, Product Director, Cloudera

Abstract: Can products imbued what data scientists should be doing? Or more importantly, who are the “data scientists”? Whether a product is built to help data scientists tune and share their models or to “skill-up” people who’s job titles aren’t Data Scientist or Analyst, the goal is to get to data faster for decision-making. Join industry executives to learn how they build products to open up the data access funnel.


Cybersecurity in a Hyper-connected World - ( Business Solutions )

Speaker: TJ Laher, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Cloudera

Abstract: As your business continues to become hyper-connected and digitally transformed, enterprise risk continues to increase. From cyber threats to fraud to ever-changing compliance regulations, you need to increase visibility and unlock the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to lower enterprise risk. Join us and learn how Cloudera empowers you to proactively secure your business by accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response.


Machine Learning and Data Science in the Enterprise - ( Technology )

Speaker: Thomas Dinsmore, Director of Product Marketing, Cloudera

Abstract: Self-service data science is easier said than delivered. Most organizations struggle to balance the diverging needs of the data scientist, data engineer, operator, and architect. This talk will cover the underlying root causes and introduce new capabilities being developed to make self-service data science a reality.


Panel: ETL in the Real World - ( Data Science Practitioner )

Moderator:Josh Wills, Head of Data Engineering, Slack

Panel Speakers:

  • Joe Hellerstein, Co-Founder & CSO, Trifacta

  • Jeff Magnusson, VP Data Platform, Stitchfix

  • Maxime Beauchamin, Software Engineer, Airbnb

Abstract: ETL. Antiquated or necessary evil? Who does ETL and who should do ETL? Join your fellow data scientists in the most hip start-ups to hear what they have to say about the scary reality of ETL and what are the best practices.