Join us at Cloudera Sessions as like-minded data innovators from around Amsterdam come together for a comprehensive day of exploring the different stages of the data journey.

Whether you are trying to increase operational efficiencies, discover and automate analytics, or transform your industry through unique data applications, we will walk you through our first hand experience of helping organizations build a modern architecture in order to make analytics pervasive across their organization.

Cloudera Sessions 2016
Amsterdam | 12th October 2016

NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky   
Dam 9, 1012 JS Amsterdam


8:00AM - Breakfast in the partner pavilion

Go to the registration desk to collect your badge and grab a tea or coffee before heading into the conference room for the start of the event.

9:00AM - Keynote: Big Value with Big Data

Data is transforming industries and creating massive value for businesses. It can help us better understand our world, build innovative products and services, and manage operational risk and compliance. Taking advantage of these opportunities, including the internet of things, requires a modern approach to working with data, and success takes more than just applying new technologies like Apache Hadoop. Join us to learn how to get started on your journey to a data strategy.

Presented by Amr Awadallah, Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera Inc

10:00AM - Customer Presentation: Improve Digital

Discovering the art of the possible with Apache Hadoop

Improve Digital is the largest European provider of publisher-focused automated advertising technology. The business generates tens of terabytes of data daily and Hadoop is a cornerstone of their ability to process this data. This talk will present how Improve Digital have used the Cloudera platform to enable entire new types of analysis and insight focusing on the business value this has delivered. In addition, Garry will also discuss how Hadoop integrates with their broader technical infrastructure and more traditional data processing systems will also be discussed.

Presented by Dr. Garry Turkington, CTO, Improve Digital

10:30AM - Customer Presentation: Schiphol Group

Steady take-off with data science: two airport data monetization use-cases

Schiphol took off with big data a year ago by launching its internal Data Innovation Lab. Their goal is to gain more value out of data through advanced analytics and machine learning. But what are the potential monetization cases, their workflows and how do people use the data science ecosystem?

Presented by Diederik Meijerink, Data Scientist, Schiphol Group

11:00AM - Break

Take a short break from presentations and recharge your batteries with drinks and refreshments in the exhibition area. Spend time with the event sponsors and learn how they work with Cloudera to help you get value from all of your data.

11:30AM - Panel Discussion: Apache Hadoop Meets Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become the topic of conversation for organisations across every industry as attack surfaces have expanded with the digital, social, and mobile world. As it becomes more difficult to protect organisations, professionals are turning to new technologies in order to avoid massive reputational, monetary, and intellectual property losses. In recent years a convergence of factors have occurred that is putting Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark at the forefront of the cybersecurity arms race.


Chris Royles, Senior Systems Engineer, Cloudera


Amr Awadallah, Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera Inc

Dr. Garry Turkington, CTO, Improve Digital

Partner Speakers from EMC DELL and GoDataDriven

12:30PM - Lunch

Head to the exhibition area for lunch and share your learnings from the event so far with your peers and sponsors. Discover some of the latest solutions in the software industry and discuss how data can help to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

1:30PM - Breakout Sessions

Hadoop and Spark Essentials

New to Hadoop and Spark or still need to sharpen your understanding? Trying to figure out what Sqoop, Flume or Hive are and what they can be used for? If so, you're not alone. Hands on Hadoop and Spark is the ultimate guide to help you take your understanding to the next level. Join Cloudera as we take you through the origins of Hadoop, discuss existing and new projects, what they are used for, and how you can apply Hadoop and Spark to modernize your data architecture.

Presented by Chris Royles, Systems Engineer, Cloudera


Architecture Modernization - New approaches to data engineering using Apache Hadoop 

As your company aims to integrate more data sources, new approaches can help you ensure critical systems are running in an optimal fashion and that future data types will not present added complication.  Whether you are looking to modernize and consolidate your existing environment or build new data pipelines an enterprise data hub architecture gives you an ecosystem of tools to address your data.  See how Hadoop fits into your current analytic environment and learn about common project risks.

What you will learn:

  • Common data integration use cases, from offloading existing platforms to incorporating new datasets

  • How modern Hadoop components such as Spark and Kafka enable data integration at scale

  • Common projects risks and how to avoid them


Presented by Bert Oosterhof, EMEA Field CTO, Trifacta and Frank Vullers, Business Value Consultant EMEA, Cloudera


Driving a True Customer 360 with Apache Hadoop

Organisations spanning all industries are in pursuit of Customer 360, which aims to integrate and enrich customer information across multiple channels, systems, devices and products in order to improve the interaction experience and maximise the value delivered. With an Enterprise Data Hub, powered by Apache Hadoop, organisations can effectively stitch together a true 360-degree view of their customer base that goes beyond the traditional segmentation attributes in order to deliver personalised offerings, improve marketing effectiveness and drive down churn.

What you will learn:

  • Current challenges with building a true Customer 360

  • Highlight an iterative and proven methodology to effectively build a Customer 360 profile

  • Key Customer 360 use cases and industry case studies


Presented by Hans Mellenbergh, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, Talend and Frank Vullers, Business Value Consultant EMEA, Cloudera

3:30PM - Happy Hour Networking Reception

After a busy day of learning about the latest developments and trends in big data and Apache Hadoop it is time to relax in the exhibition area and spend time with the rest of the attendees over drinks!



  • Amr Awadallah, Ph.D.

    Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera

    Before co-founding Cloudera in 2008, Amr (@awadallah) was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel Partners. Prior to joining Accel he served as Vice President of Product Intelligence Engineering at Yahoo!, and ran one of the very first organizations to use Hadoop for data analysis and business intelligence. Amr joined Yahoo after they acquired his first startup, VivaSmart, in July of 2000. Amr holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

  • Renald Buter

    Chief Operations

  • Sebastiaan Drinkenburg

    Sr. Threat Detection & Response Specialist Benelux & Nordics, Dell EMC

    After graduating cum laude at La Salle University in Barcelona, Sebastiaan obtained more than a decade of experience in implementing and managing security measures such as: firewalls, IDP, SIEM, network forensic and cryptographic solutions. Furthermore Sebastiaan performed numerous security & network vulnerability assessments and has specialized in advanced security operation (ASOC) and forensic analysis solutions. Working at RSA, Sebastiaan helps organizations understand their cybersecurity weaknesses and provides advise on techniques, approaches and solutions that best help organizations reach their goals securely.

  • Diederik Meijerink

    Data Scientist
    Schiphol Group

  • Hans Mellenbergh

    Sr. Pre-Sales Consultant

    Hans Mellenbergh joined Talend in February 2016 as senior Pre-Sales Consultant for the Netherlands. He started his career as a programmer, and with over 30 years of in depth technical experience, he is committed to helping organisations on their mission to becoming successfully data driven. He’s very passionate about what he does, and always aims to exceed customer expectations in solving complex data challenges.

  • Bert Oosterhof

    EMEA Field Chief Technology Officer, Trifacta

    Bert Oosterhof is a visionary Data Architect, Technologist and Entrepreneur. He has spent all his professional career around data-related challenges and innovative solutions, from databases (DBMS’s), Data Integration tools, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Big Data to Data Governance. He introduced “Object Relational Databases” (1995), “ETL” (1999) and now “Data Wrangling” in the Benelux markets. Bert is now EMEA Field CTO at Trifacta, a San Francisco based software company. Before this he was member of the EMEA CTO Office at Informatica and (a.o.) member of Advisory Board of Parstream, an IoT Edge Analytics database platform, recently acquired by Cisco.

  • Cristina Roa

    VP Global Strategic Initiatives - SNYPR

    Cristina Roa has been with Securonix since 2012. Her current role is VP Global Strategic Initiatives at Securonix and she is responsible for driving our Big Data Security Analytics adoption across the globe working with customers and partners and internally with Product Development, Marketing and Sales. In her previous role at Securonix, Cristina was VP of Eastern North America, EMEA and APJ and helped grow the company from its initial revenues to market dominance in the UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) space. Prior to Securonix, Cristina held sales and sales leadership positions at SailPoint (Identity and Access Management), Credent (EndPoint Encryption – bought by Dell), Mercury Interactive (IT Governance and Performance Testing – bought by HP), BEA (Web Infrastructure – bought by Oracle), Bowstreet (Web Services Application Development – bought by IBM), Tivoli (Enterprise Systems Management – bought by IBM), Sun Microsystems (Unix Systems – bought by Oracle) and NCR (Unix Systems).

  • Dr. Chris Royles

    Systems Engineer

    Chris holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, having interests in Linked, Open and Big Data domains. This has lead to a passion for machine learning, user experience and delivering insight from complex questions. Chris focuses on UK Government, as well as Energy and Utilities and has implemented a broad range of solutions where data is key to making the very best decisions.

  • Dr. Garry Turkington

    Improve Digital

    Garry Turkington has been at Improve Digital since early 2012 and in his current role as CTO is responsible for the company technology direction and overall architecture. Prior to Improve Digital he ran development teams at Amazon with responsibility for systems that process the Amazon catalogue data. Before this he had a variety of roles across over a decade in the UK and US public sector, the common themes being distributed systems and large scale data processing. He has Ph.D and BSc degrees in Computer Science from the Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland and a MEng in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey.

  • Frank Vullers

    Business Value Consultant EMEA, Cloudera

    Frank Vullers is business value consultant for the EMEA region. He helps customers with finding use cases (discovery workshops) and calculating the benefits (value assessments). He joined Cloudera from Teradata (Benelux region) where he was an Industry consultant (Consumer Packaged Goods/ Retail & Wholesale and Logistics). Prior to this Frank spent 12 years in SAP, where he did presales and business consultancy (EMEA) focusing on value assessments, business cases and roadmap development. Frank has a master degree in Business Economics and IT from Tilburg University. Besides spending time with his family, he likes to run (15 k, ½ marathons), and is learning to play Saxophone.


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