Join us at Cloudera Sessions as like-minded data innovators from around Brisbane come together for a comprehensive day of exploring how to derive deeper customer insights along the different stages of the data journey.

Whether you are trying to develop a deeper understanding of your customers, discover and automate analytics, better leverage your go-to-market channels or maximise your supply chain through unique data applications, we will walk you through our first hand experience of helping organisations build a modern architecture in order to make customer insights pervasive across their organisation.

Cloudera Sessions 2016
Brisbane | December 1

Pullman Hotel
Corner Ann and Roma Streets,
Brisbane City QLD 4000


AM—Business Sessions—Focusing on the what and why

8.00-8.30 - Registration and show floor

8.30-8.40 - Opening remarks

Shyam Sundar Srinivasan, Country Manager, ANZ

8.40-9.20 - Keynote—Big Value with Big Customer Data


Data is transforming industries and creating substantial value for businesses.  No-where is this more apparent than in the insight Big Data derives for those who want to get to know their customers better.  Learn how you can put your customer data to work to better understand usage and consumption patterns, find new profitable segments, build more innovative products and services and along the way better manage operational risk and compliance. 


9.20-9.50 - The Vortex of Change - Digital Transformation (Presented by Intel)


The vortex of change continues all around us – inside the company, with our customers and partners. A new norm is upon us. Business models are being turned upside down – the hunters now the hunted, global equalization – size is no longer a guarantee of success. The innovative survive and thrive…the nervous and slow go under...what does all this change means for you? Find out how does Intel’s strengths help our customers in this world of change.

9.50-10.20 - The Transformation of your Data in modern IT (Presented by DellEMC)


Organizations have a wealth of data contained within the existing infrastructures.  At DellEMC we’re helping customers remove the barriers of legacy datastores and transforming the customer experience in the modern datacentre. Learn how to unshackle the valuable data inside your existing data warehouse, leverage new techniques, applications and technology to enhance  the financial impact of all your data sources

10.20-10.40 - Morning tea + Show floor

10.40-11.10 - 10.40-11.10 - Transforming Business for the Digital Age (Presented by Microsoft)


Digital transformation is not simply about technology—it requires business and government leaders to re-envision existing business models and embrace a different way of bringing together people, data, and processes to create value for their customers. The challenges facing businesses today are very familiar: engaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and transforming products.

What has changed is the unique convergence of increasing volumes of data from the digitization of our lives, the advancements in analytics and machine intelligence and the ubiquity of cloud computing which has shifted customer expectations and offers businesses opportunities to surpass those expectations and reinvent the value they offer.

This presentation explores the journey Microsoft is on with various different organisations from around the world as they Digitally Transform.

11.10-11.35 - The role of Big Data and Modern Data Management in Driving a Customer 360 from the Cloud


Organizations spanning all industries are in pursuit of Customer 360, which aims to integrate and enrich customer information across multiple channels, systems, devices and products in order to improve the interaction experience and maximize the value delivered. To achieve this real-time integration requires a modern approach to working with data and the Cloud is providing a differentiating strategic platform for many organisations.  Discover how you can strategically structure your data environment leveraging the Cloud to empower analytical deployment, create next generation customer applications whilst also saving costs and realising greater efficiencies.

11.35-12.00 - Customer presentation--Digital Alchemy


Grant Stewart, Head of Strategy at Digital Alchemy discusses how to best realise the opportunity derived from Big Data. At the forefront of data-driven marketing, Digital Alchemy provides dynamic decisioning to their clients allowing them to drive relevant, timely communications to their customers. The results of their approach which includes leveraging big data and analytics has yielded some outstanding results but not without some learnings along the way. Grant provides a frank and open discussion around the unique advantages big data can bring to deepening customer insights as well as what he has found to work and not work in this exciting world of real-time customer intelligence.

12.00-12.30 - Customer presentation--Sky News New Zealand

12.30-12.40 - Q&A and Close

PM—Technical Sessions—Focussing on the how, workshop style


1.30-2.00 - Registration and showfloor

2.00-2.10 - Opening remarks

 Shyam Sundar Srinivasan, ANZ Country Manager

2.10-2.40 - Building a Data Hub that Empowers Customer Insight (Technical Workshop)


We have seen the evolution with the Bi and Data Science fields from the structured data warehouse to data lake and finally, to the data hub.  This session will cover the key steps required to building a data hub, examining how best to align and engage stakeholders and develop architectural sanction to enable your organisations to realise new customer insights and better enable you to achieve business objectives. 


2.40-3.10 - How Big Data Can Enable Analytics from the Cloud (Technical Workshop)


In this workshop, we will look outside the box and help expand the problem space to include issues you may not have thought were possible before Big Data.  From Near Real Time (NRT) recommendation engines, loan applications to churn detection, Big Data is answering new questions and providing organisations with a competitive edge through revenue increase, cost savings and risk mitigation. We will take a special look at the role the Cloud can play in elevating your analytics environment.  We will discuss real world examples of how Big Data answers these questions and does it at a lower cost outlay.

3.10-3.40 - Afternoon tea and show floor

3.40-4.10 - Sponsor

4.10-4.40 - Securing the Data Hub--Protecting your Customer IP (Technical Workshop)


Your data is your IP and its security is paramount.  The last thing you want is for your data to become a target for threats.  This workshop will focus on the realities of protecting your customer’s IP from external and internal threats with battle hardened technologies and methodologies.  Another key concept that will be examined is the connection of people, processes and technology. In addition, the session will take a look at authentication and authorisation, auditing and data lineage as well as the different groups required to play a part in the modern data hub.  We will also look at how to produce high impact operation reports from Cloudera’s RecordService a new core security layer that centrally enforces fine-grained access control policy, which helps close the feedback loop to ensure awareness of security as a living entity within your organisation. 

4.40 Close


  • Amy O'Connor

    Big Data Evangelist, Cloudera

    Amy O’Connor leads Cloudera's team of vertical industry experts, principal architects and business value consultants. She advises customers globally as they introduce Big Data solutions and adopt enterprise-wide Big Data delivery capabilities. Amy was recently named by Information Management as one of the “10 Big Data Experts to Know”. Prior to joining Cloudera, Amy built and ran Nokia’s Big Data team, developing and managing Nokia’s data asset and leading a team of data scientists to drive insights. Previously Amy was vice president of services marketing and also led strategy for the software and storage business units of Sun Microsystems. Amy has an extensive background in the Hadoop ecosystem, in building big data skills and teams, and in developing business-focused analytical use cases. She holds her M.B.A. from Northeastern University and her bachelor degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Connecticut.

  • Prashant Raju

    Senior Manager, Electronic Arts

    Prashant Raju currently manages a big data platform and team of data engineers and scientists at Electronic Arts mobile game studio Firemonkeys based out of Melbourne, Australia. In his role his team supports freemium titles The Sims FreePlay, Real Racing 3 and Need for Speed No Limits. The team use Cloudera’s distribution to further understand player behaviours and motivations and help improve player engagement and monetisation. Along with a Bachelors of Statistical Science and Mathematics from La Trobe University, he has over 10 years experience working in the data and analytics space in sports science, advertising, healthcare and most recently video games. He is also a science fiction addict, a coffee connoisseur and an unsuccessful but always optimistic gardener.

  • Mahdi Askari

    Cloudera Systems Engineer

    Mahdi joins us from Xchanging, now a CSC company, where he spent the last 10 years working in various roles across various countries. In-fact, over the last decade Mahdi has called Singapore, Malaysia, London and Melbourne home! During his tenure at Xchanging, Mahdi has had substantial hands on development experience with enterprise software, working across industry verticals including Telco, Insurance and Procurement. Most recently, Mahdi was the lead architect and played an integral role in the big data project rollout for the first 4G provider in KL, Malaysia. Mahdi has worked on few integral projects in London,UK for London Insurance Market which covers initiatives like, fraud detection, reserve optimization in insurance industry. Mahdi holds Bachelor of Software Engineering

  • Shyam Sundar Srinivasan

    Country Manager, ANZ Cloudera

  • David Levy

    Cloudera Systems Engineer

    David has worked with multiple Federal agencies and departments since 2005 as a technical specialist helping to drive solutions to successful outcomes. Solutions oriented and pragmatic, David emphasises long term success and looks to build foundation capabilities to enable this as an outcome. Amongst other capabilities, David has worked on cyber security, batch processing, geospatial and genomics systems which is now combined with his extensive Big Data knowledge. David holds a Bachelor of InformationTechnology from Australia National University.

  • Andrew Ridley

    Industry Development Manager, Intel Corporation

    Andrew Ridley is the Australian and New Zealand Financial Services Industry Development Manager for Intel Corporation. Andrew’s role is to assist the growth of the Australian Financial Services Industry and ensure that FSI organisations achieve value from their investment in Intel technologies. Andrew works across the entire Intel product portfolio, spanning critical infrastructure to client devices, through to ultra-mobile and embedded technologies. Andrew joined Intel in 2011. He is a technically oriented sales and marketing professional and has experience across a wide array of technology roles; from network engineering to marketing and product management. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne.

  • Jeffrey Wiggins

    Advisory Systems Engineer, Dell EMC

    Jeff Wiggins is the System Engineering Manager for DellEMC’s Emerging Technology Team (ETT) in Australia and New Zealand. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry and 13 years of storage technology experience, Jeff is expert at working with ANZ customers and strategic partners to define, architect, evangelise and deliver next generation file and object solutions leveraging the DellEMC portfolio as well as key technologies from ISV software and solution providers. In addition to focusing on Media and Entertainment workflows in OTT and IPTV delivery, Jeff’s current solution focus areas include Hadoop and the associated Apache ecosystem, Splunk and Enterprise Data Lake solutions.

  • Matt Furse

    Digital Transformation, Microsoft

    Matt Furse is a Digital Transformation Specialist, focused on the Internet of Things, working in the Australia & New Zealand markets for Microsoft. Matt is responsible for working with a range of Commercial Business, Government and Education customers to develop new thinking and strategies around Digital Transformation and ultimately building out how advancing cloud technologies can function as an accelerants to their business change and disruptors in their markets. Matt joins the team from the Australian subsidiary with an experienced background across Microsoft’s Datacenter, Azure and Windows Device domains. Prior to moving to Australia in 2010, Matt spent 4-years working in the Microsoft UK subsidiary as a Global Technology Advisor to the retailer, Tesco, and prior to that spent 2-years in IBM eBusiness Hosting. Matt has over 10-years of direct sales experience working with senior-level line-of-business BDMs as well as senior-level technical contacts delivering on solution-oriented sales motions.



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