Building a Modern Analytic Database with Cloudera 5.8

Speaker: Justin Erickson, Senior Director of Product Management at Cloudera, and Andy Frey, Chief Technology Officer at Marketing Associates
Date & Time: 8/09/2016 @ 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Analytic workloads and the ability to determine “what happened” are some of the most common use cases across enterprises today - helping you understand and adapt based on changing trends. However, for most businesses today, they are only able to see a piece of the story. Analytics are limited by the amount of data able to be stored and ultimately accessed, it’s time-intensive to bring in new datasets or fit unstructured data into rigid schemas, and user access is constrained to a select few who must already know the questions they’re trying to answer.

It’s no surprise that big data is disrupting this modus operandi for analytics. A modern, Hadoop-based platform is designed to help businesses break free of these analytic limitations, providing a new kind of adaptive, high-performance analytic database. The recent release of Cloudera 5.8 continues to advance Cloudera Enterprise as the foundation for these analytic workloads.

Join Justin Erickson, Senior Director of Product Management at Cloudera, and Andy Frey, Chief Technology Officer at Marketing Associates, as they discuss:

  • What technology is needed to build a modern analytic database with Hadoop

  • What’s new with Cloudera 5.8

  • How to align your teams around agile analytics

  • Real world success from Marketing Associates

  • What’s next for Cloudera Enterprise’s Analytic Database

This will be a technical webinar with time at the end for a live Q&A

Introducing Cloudera Navigator Optimizer: Offload Assessments and Active Data Optimization for Hadoop Success

Speaker: Ewa Ding, Senior Product Manager at Cloudera
Date & Time: 8/17/2016 @ 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Cloudera Enterprise can be used as an adaptive, high-performance analytic database, complementing existing data warehouses by relieving the pressure of growing numbers of ETL jobs and BI analytics. But where do you get started when developing your offload strategy? How can you identify which workloads are the best fit for which system? And once you’re up and running, how can you constantly adapt to Hadoop’s changing data needs?

Cloudera Navigator Optimizer eases the path for moving the right workloads to Hadoop and then actively manages data allowing you to take advantage of Hadoop’s benefits. Now generally available with the recent release of Cloudera 5.8 and a unique part of Cloudera’s analytic database solution, Navigator Optimizer gives you the workload visibility and assessments to build a predictable offload plan, adapt to evolving data and workload demands, and optimize query performance for Hadoop technologies

Join Ewa Ding, Senior Product Manager at Cloudera, as she discusses:

  • An overview of Cloudera Navigator Optimizer and its key features

  • A live demo and key use cases of this web-based tool

  • What’s next for active data optimization in Hadoop

This will be a technical webinar with time at the end for a live Q&A

High-Performance Analytics in the Cloud with Apache Impala

David Tishgart, Director of Product Marketing, and James Curtis, Senior Analyst Data Platforms & Analytics at 451 Research

Date & Time: 8/30/2016 @ 10AM PT / 1PM ET

With more and more data being generated and stored in the cloud, you need a modern data platform that can extend to any environment so you can derive value from all your data. Cloudera Enterprise is the leading enterprise Hadoop platform for cloud deployments. It’s the easiest way to manage and secure Hadoop data across any cloud environment and includes component-level support for cloud-native object stores. This makes the platform uniquely suited to handle transient jobs like ETL and BI analytics, as well as persistent workloads like stream processing and advanced analytics.

With the recent release of Cloudera 5.8, Apache Impala (incubating) has added support for Amazon S3, enabling business analysts to get instant insights from all data through high-performance exploratory analytics and BI. 

Join David Tishgart, Director of Product Marketing, and James Curtis, Senior Analyst Data Platforms & Analytics at 451 Research, as they discuss:

  • Best practices for analytic workloads in the cloud

  • A live demo and real-world use cases

  • What’s next for Cloudera and the cloud

This will be a technical webinar with time at the end for a live Q&A


  • Andy Frey

    Chief Technology Officer at Marketing Associates

    From Assembler to Ajax, Modem to Mobile, and Mainframe to Cloud, Andy Frey, developed his deep knowledge as a technologist, and CIO at leading national corporations such as GAB Robins, Compuware, J. Walter Thompson, Coolfire and now Marketing Associates, providing Fortune 100 corporations with technologically advanced enterprise solutions.

  • David Tishgart

    Director of Product Marketing

    David Tishgart is a Director of Product Marketing at Cloudera, focused on the companies cloud products, strategy, and partnerships. Prior to joining Cloudera, David ran business development and marketing at Gazzang, an enterprise security software company that was eventually acquired by Cloudera. David brings nearly two decades of experience in enterprise software, hardware, and services marketing to Cloudera. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Ewa Ding

    Senior Product Manager at Cloudera

    Ewa Ding is a product manager at Cloduera. Prior to joining Cloudera, Ewa was the head of product design at Xplain.io, a startup Cloudera acquired in 2015. Ewa enjoys putting together product strategy, UX design and customer success to deliver innovative product experience. Before Xplain.io, Ewa was the Director of UX at Model N, where she lead the product design of a new SaaS business application. Ewa spent her early career in engineering building both consumer and business applications. Ewa holds both BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, and a MS (pending completion) in Human Factor.

  • James Curtis

    Senior Analyst Data Platforms & Analytics at 451 Research

    James Curtis is a senior analyst at 451 Research. He has had experience covering the BI reporting and analytics sector and presently has coverage responsibility for Hadoop, NoSQL, and related analytic and operational database technologies. James has over 20 years experience in the IT and technology industry, serving in a number of senior roles in marketing and communications, touching a broad range of technologies. At iQor, he served as a VP for an upstart analytics group, overseeing marketing for custom, advanced analytic solutions. He also worked at Netezza and later at IBM, where he was a senior product marketing Manager with responsibility for Hadoop and big data products. In addition, James has worked at Hewlett-Packard managing global programs and as a case editor at Harvard Business School.

  • Justin Erickson

    Senior Director of Product Management at Cloudera


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