Apache Kudu’s ability to do fast analytics on fast data is one of the most important open source developments in recent years. Kudu is able to fill the analytic gap between HDFS and Apache HBase, delivering on the ever-increasing need for real-time analytics without the need for a complex lambda architecture to support it.

With the launch of Cloudera 5.10, Kudu is now a supported component of Cloudera’s standard distribution. And we’re hosting a set of webinars to help you get to know what Kudu can do for your business. We encourage you to register for one, two, or all three of these webinars to learn more.

Part 1: Lambda Architectures: Simplified by Apache Kudu

Title: Lambda Architectures: Simplified by Apache Kudu

Speakers:  Michael Crutcher, Director of Product Management at Cloudera

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. PST

In the past, when a use case required real-time analytics, architects had to develop a lambda architecture - a combination of speed and batch layers - to deliver results for the business. This complex architecture was full of tradeoffs and difficult to manage.

Today, Apache Kudu offers the ability to collapse these two layers into a simplified storage engine for fast analytics on fast data.

Join Michael Crutcher, Director of Product Management at Cloudera, as he discusses:

  • The concept of lambda architectures
  • The Hadoop ecosystem components involved in lambda architectures
  • The advantages and disadvantages of lambda architectures
  • Kudu’s alternative approach
  • Q&A

Please join us on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. PST.

Part 2: Apache Kudu: Extending the Capabilities of Operational and Analytic Databases

Title: Apache Kudu: Extending the Capabilities of Operational and Analytic Databases

Speakers:  Join Alex Gutow and Ryan Lippert as they discuss how the addition of Apache Kudu will enable users to do more than ever before with their Analytic and Operational Databases.

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. PST

Today’s open source software community derives its strength not by deploying individual components, but rather by combining various Apache projects to create complete data platforms.

Through the integration of OSS tools like Apache Spark, Apache (incubating) Impala, HDFS, Apache HBase, and many others, Cloudera has built two versatile databases to help our customers tackle their hardest problems. The addition of Apache Kudu to this mix will enable new use cases around real-time analytics, internet of things, time series data, and more.


Part 3: Data-in-Motion: Unlock the Value of Real-Time Data

Title: Data-in-Motion: Unlock the Value of Real-Time Data

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 10:00 a.m. PST

The value of your business data is determined by its ability to drive better decisions. In today’s fast-paced and instrumented environment, real-time analytics can dramatically increase the value of the underlying data by turning it into information that can be acted upon in time to influence outcomes.

Join Cloudera’s Ryan Lippert  and special guest Gene Leganza of Forrester as they discuss the benefits of moving analytics into real time, with topics including:

  • The transformative value of real-time data and analytics, and current barriers to adoption
  • The importance of an end-to-end solution for  data-in-motion that includes ingestion, processing, and serving
  • Apache Kudu’s role in simplifying real-time architectures


  • Alexandra Gutow

    Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera

    Alex Gutow is a Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Cloudera - focusing on the analytic database product and supporting technologies. Prior to Cloudera, she managed technical marketing and PR for Basho Technologies, and managed consumer and enterprise marketing for Truaxis, a MasterCard company. She holds a BS in Marketing and BA in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Ryan Lippert

    Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera

    Ryan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera. In this role, he is responsible for communicating the value of Cloudera’s Operational Database and its associated components. Prior to Cloudera, he held a variety of roles at Cisco Systems.

  • Gene Leganza

    VP, Research Director serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals, Forrester

    Gene is a VP and research director serving enterprise architecture professionals at Forrester. He leads a team of analysts that provides research and advisory services that address the needs of Customer Insights and Enterprise Architecture professionals. His team focuses on data management and governance strategies and technologies, as well as building and optimizing the insights-driven enterprise.

  • Michael Crutcher

    Director of Product Management, Cloudera

    Michael is a director of product management, responsible for the direction of Cloudera’s storage products. These include Kudu, HDFS, HBase, Parquet, and others. He’s also responsible for managing strategic partnerships with storage vendors.


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