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Online Training: Hadoop Essentials

Learn how Apache Hadoop addresses the limitations of traditional computing, helps businesses overcome real challenges, and powers new types of big data analytics. This series also introduces the rest of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and outlines how to prepare the data center and manage Hadoop in production.

Online Training: Cloudera Manager Training

Cloudera Manager simplifies deployment, configuration, diagnostics, and reporting for CDH in production. Learn how to set up and customize Cloudera Manager to monitor and improve the performance of any size Hadoop cluster, increase compliance, and reduce costs.

Webinar: Introduction to Data Analyst Training

Watch this free, online webinar to learn more about the course’s objectives, outline, prerequisites, and technical benefits, including a portion of Cloudera's full Data Analyst Training. We discuss the fundamentals of Cloudera Impala, Apache Hive, and Apache Pig, how they relate to each other, and for which jobs each is used.

Webinar: Introduction to YARN and MapReduce 2

At their core, YARN and MapReduce 2’s improvements separate cluster resource management capabilities from MapReduce-specific logic. YARN enables Hadoop to share resources dynamically between multiple parallel processing frameworks such as Cloudera Impala, allows more sensible and finer-grained resource configuration for better cluster utilization, and scales Hadoop to accommodate more and larger jobs.

Webinar: Introduction to Hadoop Administrator Training

This webinar delineates the topics, learning objectives, audience, and prerequisites for Cloudera's live Hadoop Administrator Training. We present two short portions of the actual course, providing an overview of HDFS High Availability and best practice settings for some of Hadoop's more advanced configuration options.

Webinar: Introduction to Apache HBase Training

Learn how HBase Training can help you develop your HBase use case, design optimal schemas, and identify, avoid, and resolve performance bottlenecks. In this on-demand webinar, we present two short portions of Cloudera's full HBase Training, providing an overview of accessing data with the HBase API and executing Scan operations with both Java and Python, followed by Q&A.

E-Learning: Understanding Parcels

Learn the new Parcel format for installing and upgrading CDH and other Hadoop ecosystem components. Parcels enable the new rolling upgrade functionality in Cloudera Manager, provide rollback functionality, and make maintenance windows short and painless. In this e-learning module, we discuss the benefits of Parcels, compare Parcels and packages, and understand what a Parcel file contains. The module finishes with a complete demonstration of a CDH upgrade and several component installations, including Cloudera Impala and Cloudera Search.

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Developer and Admin Center: Access the best information, resources, and advice from Cloudera Engineering and the Hadoop community


Get Started with Hadoop in Less Than Thirty Minutes: Learn how to get a Hadoop POC cluster up and running in the cloud in no time.

Training & Certification

If you're a developeradministratordata analystHBase specialist, or aspiring data scientist, Cloudera offers training and certification to meet your needs.