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Online Training: Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce

Start on your path to big data expertise with our open, online Udacity course. Cloudera University’s free three-lesson program covers the fundamentals of Hadoop, including getting hands-on by developing MapReduce code on data in HDFS.

Webinar: Productionizing Hadoop

Many Hadoop deployments start small solving a single business problem and then begin to grow as organizations find more value in their data. Moving a Hadoop deployment from the proof of concept phase into a full production system presents real challenges. Learn how some of the largest Hadoop clusters in the world were successfully productionized and the best practices they applied to running Hadoop.

Webinar: Enterprise Data Hub - The Next Big Thing in Big Data

Enterprise Data Hub: check out the next big thing driving business value from big data. Key highlights from Strata + Hadoop World 2013 including trends in Big Data adoption, the enterprise data hub, and how the enterprise data hub is used in practice.