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Data-Analysts Training Courses

Course Overview Role Days Register for Course
Data Science at Scale using Spark and Hadoop Developer, Analyst 3-day Register
Data Analyst Training Analyst 4-day Register

Answer Bigger Questions

Hadoop is expected to be at the core of more than half of all analytics software within the next two years. Cloudera’s learning path for data analysts encompasses the skills you need to keep pace with that transition and beyond, from interactive SQL query to machine learning.

Cloudera training advanced my use of Hadoop and cultivated a better understanding of the platform’s inner workings. The course cemented all the bits and pieces that I had bumped into prior to the class in a useful model of how Hadoop works.

- ContextWeb

Get Certified

Certification identifies you as a true Hadoop expert. The big data space is growing rapidly, and certification gives you a clear advantage as an established leader in the field. With nearly 10,000 accredited data professionals, Cloudera Certification is the world’s most recognized and sought-after Hadoop qualification.

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Persado supports marketing language engineering with Data Analyst Training

E-Learning Videos

Online resources for data analysts: extend your learning path

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