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The Cloudera advantage: commercial use partners

Big Data applications can change the way that organizations tackle some of their most complex vertical and horizontal problems. However, for the companies developing these purpose-built applications, the intricacies of embedding a Hadoop environment within a Big Data software product can distract from the core solution being created.

Through the Cloudera Commercial Use Program, companies can bring the power of the world’s leading Apache Hadoop distribution to their software. That puts your experts to work on the business solution you’re developing, as opposed to the technology it leverages.

Cloudera makes your Hadoop-based software faster, easier, and more secure.

Partner Success Stories

Cloudera’s commercial-use partners are finding success in the development and go-to-market of their software applications. Watch them tell their success stories below.

Cazena: Big Data-as-a-service

Cazena’s mission is to radically simplify enterprise big data processing in the cloud—for faster business outcomes at a fraction of the cost. Through working with Cloudera, Cazena has become the first enterprise Big Data-as-a-Service that can securely move and process big data in the cloud in just three clicks.

CounterTack: endpoint threat detection and response

CounterTack is the leading provider of real-time, Big Data endpoint threat detection and response for the enterprise. CounterTack's Sentinel platform—powered by Cloudera—provides unprecedented visibility and context around endpoint behavior to targeted, persistent threats in order to improve incident response and threat detection, enterprise-wide.

Evariant: healthcare CRM innovation

Evariant helps healthcare organizations deliver precise, efficient care solutions. They make this a reality by continuously innovating upon a Cloudera-based healthcare CRM platform. This  platform is based on a centralized healthcare data hub, analytics, and communications engine—capable of identifying, executing, and measuring all types of engagement initiatives.

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