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Best Solutions Awards

Did your data solution with Cloudera save lives? Did it turn cyber risks into ROI? Can it predict the future by looking at what’s happening today? If it does, we want to hear all about it and celebrate it. This award recognizes partners who have developed and implemented a point solution that helps our customers gain insights into their businesses. To qualify, submit a nomination to Data Impact Awards. We will review all Data Impact Award nominations from partners. Please reach out to your Business Development contact once you have submitted your nomination or if you have any questions. These awards are given in these four sub-categories:

GROW - Drive Customer Insights

A solution that breaks down data silos to build a 360-degree view of customers for better marketing, improved loyalty and retention, and/or real-time, personalized recommendations.

CONNECT - Connect Product and Services Efficiency

A solution that drives quantifiable results to organizations by applying data to improve operational efficiencies that generate top-line growth, bottom-line savings, increased competitive advantage, and/or net new revenue streams.

PROTECT - Lower Business Risks

A solution that leverages Cloudera to prevent fraud, manage risks, enforce data security, and/or meet regulatory compliance with tangible results.

TECHNICAL IMPACT - Innovators in Machine Learning

A solution that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to help to save lives, secure our personal and business information, and engage our customers with better relevance.


A solution that comprise of new and agile technologies built with Cloudera to enable analytics of both old and new data.

Business Excellence Awards

The Business Excellence Award recognizes partners at both global and regional levels who have had substantial growth in their customer base and/or revenue by driving customer impact and satisfaction with Cloudera. Partners are selected by Cloudera using internal metrics.

Partner of the Year Award

This award recognizes the partner who drove the most Cloudera wins in the past year.

Market Development Award

This award recognizes the partner who worked with Cloudera to have the strongest year-over-year order revenue growth.

Invest to Win Award

This award recognizes the partner who is deeply invested in Cloudera and has the largest number of Cloudera certified individuals in the past year to deliver our joint offerings.

Customer Centric Award

This award recognizes the partner who has the most successful set of publicly reference-able customers.

Innovator Award

This award recognizes the partner who executed the most effective and creative marketing and sales campaigns with Cloudera.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes the partner who joined within the past year that has the best potential in strengthening our joint customer base.

What do the winners get

  • Bragging rights

  • Recognition at the Partner Summit in New York City, September 2018 

  • Personalized Award

  • Promotion of company name and award on

  • Co-branded press release

  • A blog post on Cloudera Vision Blog

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