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A cloud service for engineers and administrators alike

For data engineers

  • Focus on the workload. Cloudera Altus elevates data pipeline operations over cluster operations

  • Leave the management to Altus. Data engineering experience is delivered as a service. Altus takes care of cluster management and operations

  • Analyze and troubleshoot jobs. Don’t waste time sifting through logs to find the root cause of a failed job. Monitor your work as it’s running, or let us help you troubleshoot

  • Simple migration and backward compatibility. Easily move your on-prem workloads to and from the cloud with minimal risk. Leverage new platform versions without breaking compatibility with existing applications

For cloud administrators/IT professionals

  • Easily onboard and manage users. Specify different roles and permissions for users within the Altus Identity Management System

  • Securely manage cloud environments. Altus runs in your AWS environment, not Cloudera’s, so we don’t see your data. Grant users access to different AWS environments to provision clusters. A single Altus account can deploy into multiple AWS accounts, which limits account sprawl

  • Unified platform. Full data pipeline workflows supported. Interoperable with Cloudera’s machine learning, BI, and real-time application patterns

  • Built for the enterprise. Integrated with cloud provider security best practices. Component support across the entire enterprise stack. High availability guarantee for Altus service platform

Data engineering made easy

Cloudera Altus is a managed service that makes it easier than ever to execute data pipelines. Launch your cluster in minutes on AWS, and start exploring and extracting value from all your data. Over time, Cloudera plans to expand Altus to support other leading public clouds besides Microsoft Azure.

Spark on demand

Run your data processing jobs on Altus with Apache Spark, the open standard for flexible in-memory processing that enables batch, real-time, and advanced analytics. Submit, run, clone, troubleshoot, and terminate jobs, or filter by jobs that are running. Altus makes it easy to focus on your work.

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Cluster management with workload analytics

Cloudera Altus makes it easy to launch and run transient data engineering clusters on AWS. No cluster management or operations necessary. And if a job fails or appears to lag, our embedded workload troubleshooting service can identify and diagnose the root cause issue. All this so that you can make anything possible with data.

Partner enabled

With Talend and Cloudera Altus, you can design a data integration pipeline that seamlessly spins up a transient Hadoop and Spark cluster. No need to worry about DevOps or provisioning, the entire server management is done by Cloudera Altus.

See how easy it is

Build Your Next Pipeline with Cloudera Altus

Talend and Cloudera simplify management of big data projects and lower the risk to move to the cloud so that you can achieve the processing power of Hadoop and Spark more easily. Point and click your way to big data and machine learning in the cloud.