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For business analysts

  • Run reports and queries at any time, with fast, predictable performance

  • Get self service analytic access on demand, using the same preferred tools and SQL skills

  • Power reports, BI, exploratory analytics, and ad hoc queries, all over the same shared data and schemas

  • Extend insights to data science teams, data engineers, production applications, and more

For IT professionals

  • Provision isolated resources as they’re needed, with just a few clicks

  • Easily manage unlimited tenants, and maintain consistent security and governance with the Shared Data Experience

  • Support transient and long-running workloads with elastic scale, all with a single view into cloud costs and usage  

  • Eliminate data movement across workloads with the lock-in free open architecture

Introducing Cloudera Altus Analytic DB

Watch the demo to learn how the Altus Analytic DB cloud service delivers immediate analytics to all users, leveraging existing SQL skills and BI tools, and powered by Apache Impala.

Experience your data. Your way.

Tackling complex data-driven problems such as driving customer insights, connecting products and services, or reducing business risk require multi-function applications working as one, not as disparate silos. Cloudera Shared Data Experience, or SDX, makes shared data and associated data schemas and structures available for iterative access beyond just SQL. So data scientists, data engineers, and others can collaborate seamlessly.

Learn more

Interested in ETL and data processing in the cloud? Learn more about Altus Data Engineering, available on AWS and Microsoft Azure.