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Cloudera Essentials

As essential as it gets

This single, unified platform is our industry-leading distribution that includes the open source Apache Hadoop and includes our award-winning commercial support. It’s a great starting point for everything you’ll want to do with large-scale storage and processing.

Enterprise-grade management

Cloudera Essentials comes with our full management tool set right out of the box, including: administration for multiple workloads, health and diagnostic tools, basic batch processing, automated backup, and disaster recovery.

Deploy and run anywhere

Cloudera Essentials is engineered for flexible, elastic deployment. Run it on a single cloud, across multiple clouds, privately in your own data center, or in any hybrid configuration. It’s entirely up to you.

World-class support

Wherever you are, Cloudera’s expert support team is close at hand—ready to assist with everything from proactive technical guidance to troubleshooting, issue resolution, and best practices optimization.

Any data at any scale

Cloudera Essentials easily integrates every kind of data you work with—whether structured or unstructured.


Delivering user behavior analytics at Apache Hadoop scale

Solution Brief

Cloudera and Tableau enable real-time business intelligence with Apache Hadoop