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Cloud-native BI and analytics with Cloudera Data Warehouse

Get more value from more data, cost-effectively, with the flexibility of Cloudera Data Warehouse in the cloud. Only Cloudera offers cloud-native capabilities that bring high-performance analytic SQL to data wherever it lives (without requiring ETL or data copies), paired with the elasticity to scale as and when you need it.

Explore and analyze with greater flexibility

Cloudera’s is the only modern data warehouse that leverages the flexibility and cost-effective elasticity of the cloud for the fastest time to insights. Avoid rigid data modeling and time-consuming data loading by directly querying data in cloud-native storage like Amazon S3. Dynamically deploy and elastically resize to meet your needs on demand. And Cloudera also provides better price performance compared to other cloud-based analytic databases.

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Cloudera Enterprise is driving big data analytics to the cloud

Directly query cloud-native storage

Run high-performance SQL analytics directly against data in Amazon S3 without having to move the data into separate storage or transform it into a proprietary format.

Elastically scale for changing demands

Support peak and off-peak usage with a modern, decoupled architecture that allows you to elastically grow and shrink compute and storage independently, as needed.

Transient pay-as-you-go clusters

Spin up and spin down clusters for periodic batch jobs to address changing needs and save on compute hosting costs without time-consuming data-load operations.

Data portability and flexibility

Shared object store means data is not bound to a single application. This same data can be used for multiple applications, including ETL and data science, without moving it to a separate cluster.

Technology benefits

Cloudera Enterprise delivers a modern data warehouse, powered by Apache Impala for high-performance SQL analytics in the cloud. Impala is the only MPP SQL engine with hybrid portability, built to work with data stored on open, shared data platforms like Apache Hadoop’s HDFS file system (on local Amazon EBS storage), Apache Kudu’s columnar storage, and object stores like Amazon S3.

With the ability to access data from multiple sources in open formats, Impala lets users query data more quickly and flexibly without rigid data modeling and loading typical of monolithic analytic database architectures. This capability is especially useful in the cloud as you can take advantage of transient clusters and on-demand elasticity to save on cluster-hosting costs.

Paired with the powerful batch processing tool Hive-on-Spark (which also supports cloud-native data access), you can take full advantage of a shared data layer to support ETL and BI analytics in the cloud. Using Cloudera Altus Director, you can spin up transient clusters for periodic batch and data preparation jobs and terminate the cluster once complete. This data is immediately available for BI and exploration, and Cloudera Altus Director makes it easy to elastically grow and shrink these clusters based on peak usage.

Cloudera’s platform lets you put shared data at the center of your architecture, bringing multiple applications and frameworks together to extend the value of your data and operationalize your analytics as part of your real-time applications. Object stores provide added benefits allowing for multi-tenant isolation over this data for optimized resourcing.

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