Enterprise security is an integral part of Cloudera’s shared data experience (SDX)

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Cloudera provides centralized security and compliance policies that are enforced across multiple workloads. Without Cloudera's shared data experience (SDX), organizations require different security policies for different use cases and workloads, such as data engineering, data warehouse, and data science usage. This presents real risks: As data flows among use cases, security policies need to be constantly updated or duplicated. More policies to keep up to date means greater risk of breach.

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Unified authentication and authorization

With more data access paths across data engineering, machine learning, data warehouse, and more, manually synchronizing authentication and authorization policies leaves room for human error. Simply locking the cluster behind a firewall or gateway doesn’t solve the issue. Cloudera provides comprehensive perimeter authentication and unified role-based access controls that preserve the agility of multiple entry points under strong security. Cloudera Manager makes it easy to configure industry-standard Kerberos, LDAP/AD, and SAML integrations to fit seamlessly into your existing environments.

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End-to-end visibility for security audits and data governance

Once your platform is secure, how can you ensure it remains that way? Cloudera Navigator includes end-to-end data and process auditing, including full visibility into data lineage and usage, to verify authenticity and easily comply with regulatory requirements. Navigator also incorporates a data catalog, which enables easy discovery, labeling, and tracking—critical for tracking personal data for regulations such as GDPR.

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Native, comprehensive, transparent protection

Keep information secure at rest and in motion with Cloudera Enterprise, the platform with comprehensive native encryption and key management. Other vendors leave metadata and temporary files, which can contain copies of any data in storage, exposed to malicious actors. Cloudera Navigator Encrypt and Key Trustee protect everything in your cluster so you can meet compliance initiatives and ensure the integrity of your enterprise data.

Cloudera’s encryption solutions provide massively scalable, high-performance encryption, leveraging industry-standard AES-256 encryption and provides a transparent layer between the application and file system that dramatically reduces performance impact of encryption and doesn’t require any applications to change. With automatic deployment through Cloudera Navigator and simple configuration, you can secure your data with ease in minutes instead of days.

Cloudera Navigator Key Trustee is a “virtual safe-deposit box” for managing encryption keys. It provides key management that supports a variety of robust, configurable, and easy-to-implement policies governing access to secure artifacts. In compliance with NIST requirements, these keys and other Hadoop security assets are always stored separately from encrypted data and wrapped in multiple layers of cryptography. Key Trustee handles key replication and backup, whereas other vendors leave this critical task to your own database administrator.

Meet compliance requirements in your industry

In regulated industries, analytics adoption can be limited by compliance requirements and the need to integrate with other compliance-ready systems. Without the right approach, your enterprise data platform becomes another isolated silo with limited data. Today, Cloudera is the only modern data platform vendor with customers who have achieved a PCI compliance certification for 4+ years and has the unique expertise necessary to help you navigate and pass a compliance audit.

Read more about how Cloudera has helped customers achieve compliance for standards including: PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, FERPA, and GDPR.

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Dedicated to Hadoop security innovation

Cloudera maintains a unique Center for Security Excellence, dedicated to enterprise security. Based in Austin, Texas, and founded by the original team from Gazzang, the leaders in big data protection, the Cloudera Center for Security Excellence develops comprehensive data and cluster-security technologies, while also enabling integration with key security partners. Featuring the industry’s only dedicated Hadoop security test and certification lab, it is yet another way Cloudera continues to drive innovation and value for our customers.

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