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Cloudera 5.9 Now Available

Cloudera Enterprise 5.9 is now generally available (comprising CDH 5.9, Cloudera Manager 5.9, and Cloudera Navigator 2.8). This release continues to build off of Cloudera’s strengths of a fast, easy, and secure platform both in cloud environments and on-premises. Key features include:

  • Faster processing in the cloud

    • Apache Hive writes to Amazon S3 are now faster

  • Fast cloud-native SQL workbench

    • Browse and discover data in both HDFS and Amazon S3 through HUE

    • Export data and metadata to and import from Amazon S3

    • Improved productivity with query autocomplete through HUE SQL Editor

  • Easy cloud-native backup and disaster recovery

    • Cloudera’s BDR now supports Amazon S3

  • Secure across the platform

    • Role-based access controls for Cloudera Navigator managed metadata

    • Kafka integration with Apache Sentry authorization

For a full list of features and fixes, see the Release Notes below:

Release Notes

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New Release: Cloudera Director 2.2

Cloudera Director is the easiest way to deploy and manage the lifecycle of Cloudera Enterprise in the cloud. The solution enables customers to take advantage of cloud transience, elasticity, and flexible pricing regardless of the cloud infrastructure they choose to run on—public, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Cloudera Director 2.2 adds support for Azure Standard Storage and Amazon EBS volumes, providing cloud customers with more instance options for their Hadoop worker nodes.

For a full list of features and fixes, see the Release Notes below:

Release Notes

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Hadoop in the Cloud

Download Spark 2.0 Today

Apache Spark is the open standard for fast and flexible general purpose big-data processing, enabling batch, real-time, and advanced analytics on the Apache Hadoop platform.

Some of the notable improvements in Apache Spark 2.0 are:

  • A new streamlined API

  • Performance improvements

  • Stream processing using data frames

  • New machine learning algorithms and model persistence

Download the beta parcel and get started today without interrupting your current workloads.

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What’s Cool in Spark 2.0?

Apache Kudu 1.0 Is Released

Apache Kudu is a new, open source, updatable storage engine for Hadoop, designed for fast analytic performance. Purpose-built to support both inserts/updates and efficient columnar scans, Kudu complements HDFS and Apache HBase to dramatically simplify the architecture for building analytic applications on changing data, while delivering interactive performance. Working within the Hadoop community and ecosystem, Kudu fundamentally transforms Hadoop to better handle the next generation of analytics.  

Kudu is designed for use cases requiring a simultaneous combination of sequential and random reads and writes—eliminating the need for complex architectures. Common use cases include time-series analysis, machine-data analytics, and online reporting.

Check out the new Apache community 1.0 release!

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RecordService: unified access control enforcement

RecordService is a new, open source, high-performance security layer that centrally enforces access control policies across Hadoop. Complementing Apache Sentry, which provides unified policy definition, it delivers unified row- and column-based security, and dynamic data masking, to every Hadoop access path—including, for the first time ever, MapReduce and Apache Spark.

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