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Customer acquisition & retention

Adding and keeping a new customer in a congested market is a difficult and expensive task. It’s up to the marketing team to understand their ideal buyers’ needs in order to allocate resources, execute effective programs, and lower the total cost of customer acquisition and customer turnover through the use of data.

Create churn reduction models faster

How to use Hadoop to predict and prevent churn

Next best offer

Now that a new customer has just purchased a new product or service, what’s next? Recommend the next best offer in order to increase conversion upsell rates and total customer value. Consumer buying behaviors are captured in clickstream, CRM, and marketing automation systems, so leverage it.

Deloitte making customer next best offer count

Customer satisfaction

It costs ten times more to acquire a new customer versus keeping an existing one in the fold. It’s important that organizations collect every interaction in order to identify leading indicators of unhappy customers, keep their existing customers, and improve net promoter scores.

SFR implements an enterprise data hub to improve the customer journey

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