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The right platform

Cloudera leverages all data to give you true customer-360 intelligence. The platform provides end-to-end capabilities to build complex data applications that take action on data in real time. From reporting to machine learning, Cloudera is the only enterprise platform that can grow with you all along your data journey.  

Key use cases

Customer 360

Combine your enterprise data and marketing systems data so you can start to gain a better understanding of how your customers think.

Marketing spend analysis

Optimize your strategic marketing spend by targeting the highest value engagements with your users.


Customer lifetime value

Determine the value of your future relationships with your customers. Knowing the answer to this allows you to better allocate your marketing spend.

Why Cloudera

Any customer data

Cloudera is a platform for all customer data to give you true customer 360 intelligence.

Six strategies for advancing customer knowledge with big

Increasing SQL experts agility

Leverage real-time and streaming data

Real-time, interactive, time-series, and legacy data, all living together with self-service access.

Transform customer experience with big data

Multiple ways to access data insights

Bring your favorite BI and analytics tools alongside a thriving ecosystem of open source data science tools directly to the data. From SQL to drag-and-drop, do analytics your way.

Learn about Cloudera's analytic database

Follow the data

On-prem and across public clouds—Cloudera lives where your data lives.

Performance analytics in the cloud

Cloudera’s customer 360 partners

Learn how our partner ecosystem can help Customer 360.


Transforming customer experience with Big Data

Analyst Report

BI, Analytics, and the Cloud: Strategies for Business Agility