Introducing Cloudera Impala

SQL-on-Hadoop that's Fashionably Early

There is a lot of buzz around SQL-on-Hadoop these days. Providing access to Hadoop using such a familiar technology opens up the world of Big Data to a whole new class of customers enabling them to ask bigger questions and drive new discoveries.

Open Source to the Core

The open source Cloudera Impala project has pioneered the convergence of interactive SQL with the capacity, scalability and flexibility of Hadoop. We are pleased to announce that Cloudera Impala 1.0, the first production-ready release, is now available.

First to Market with SQL-on-Hadoop

Cloudera was ahead of the pack with SQL-on-Hadoop, releasing Impala as a public beta offering in October 2012. Since then we have worked closely with enterprise customers, open source users and technology partners, rigorously testing and refining the platform in real world applications. We are pleased to deliver today’s production-hardened and customer validated release, designed from the ground-up for mission critical workloads.

The Impala Advantage


Perform SQL queries on Hadoop in seconds.


Queries raw data directly or use optimized, open file formats that are compatible across all Hadoop engines (MapReduce, Hive, Pig, etc.)

Integrated & Open

Operates within the Hadoop framework (system resources, security, etc.) and does not require data migration into specialized systems or proprietary formats.


Works with leading BI applications including Microstrategy, Tableau, Qlikview and others.

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