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Why Cloudera for customer insights?

Cloudera delivers a modern platform for data management and analytics that allows organizations to build and analyze a true customer-360 profile in order to capture, grow, and retain customers.

Acquire Customers & Increase Retention

Reduce customer acquisition costs and increase customer loyalty and retention

Improve Cross-sell & Upsell
Increase Loyalty & Retention

Use insights to serve the right product and improve cross-sell, upsell

Improve Customer Experience

Understand customer journeys and improve the customer experience across multiple channels

Why does this matter to organizations?

  • Choosing the right marketing channel or buyer can increase an organization’s investments
  • It costs 10x more to acquire a new customer vs. keeping an existing one
  • Delivering personalized customer experiences is required to compete

Samsung’s first 90 days building a next-generation analytics platform

“Bioinformatics is a major new focus for Samsung. We’ve built a cloud service for bioinformatics with Cloudera. Integrating their products with existing proprietary bioinformatics systems was fast and very simple.”

Cloudera’s certified customer insight partners

Learn how our partner ecosystem can help you discover and operationalize breakthrough customer insights.

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