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  1. /content/www/en-us/resources/recordedwebinar/cloudera-partner-insights-informatica/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1464728700621.png
    Cloudera Partner Insights - Informatica
    Informatica talks about their partnership with Cloudera
    • Tuesday, May 31 2016
    • Category: Recorded Webinars, Video
  2. /content/www/en-us/resources/recordedwebinar/cloudera-partner-insights-talend/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1464728616216.png
    Cloudera Partner Insights - Talend
    Talend talks about their partnership with Cloudera
    • Tuesday, May 31 2016
    • Category: Recorded Webinars, Video
  3. /content/www/en-us/resources/analystreport/gartner-market-trends-user-and-entity-behavior-analytics-expand-their-market-reach/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1464734052550.png
    Gartner Market Trends: User and Entity Behavior Analytics Expand Their Market Reach, 26 April 2016 Eric Ahlm, Avivah Litan
    Download this report today to learn more about the next generation of cybersecurity applications, the future of cybersecurity analytics, and why Cloudera was named analytics platform to watch in the space.
    • Tuesday, May 31 2016
    • Category: Document
  4. /content/www/en-us/resources/recordedwebinar/how-to-build-continuous-ingestion-for-the-internet-of-things/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1464205678344.png
    How to Build Continuous Ingestion for the Internet of Things
    The Internet of Things is moving into the mainstream and this new world of data-driven products is transforming a vast number of industry sectors and technologies.
    • Wednesday, May 25 2016
    • Category: Recorded Webinars, Video
  5. /content/www/en-us/resources/casestudy/mastercard-creating-new-revenue-streams-with-an-advanced-anti-fraud-solution/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1464035183722.png
    MasterCard: Creating New Revenue Streams with an Advanced Anti-fraud Solution
    Working with Cloudera, MasterCard added new tools to access, search, and secure more data than ever. With the latest technology and decades of experience in delivering data-driven business value, MasterCard is building new products and services to make smart decisions with big data.
    • Monday, May 23 2016
    • File Type: .PDF
    • Category: Document, Case Studies
  6. /content/www/en-us/resources/analystreport/esg-research-big-data-trends-a-midmarket-perspective/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1463771369298.png
    ESG Research: Big Data Trends: A Midmarket Perspective
    ESG's study of midmarket companies in North America to establish a baseline on various data initiatives and their relative maturity.
    • Friday, May 20 2016
    • File Type: .PDF
    • Category: Document
  7. /content/www/en-us/resources/recordedwebinar/turning-petabytes-of-data-into-profit-with-hadoop-for-the-worlds-biggest-retailers/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1463766051328.png
    Turning Petabytes of Data into Profit with Hadoop for the World’s Biggest Retailers
    Cloudera and Talend Case Study with PRGX Global
    • Wednesday, May 18 2016
    • Category: Recorded Webinars, Video, Big Data, Hadoop
  8. /content/www/en-us/resources/recordedwebinar/optimized-data-management-with-cloudera-5-7-understanding-data-value-with-cloudera-navigator/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1463592570487.png
    Optimized Data Management with Cloudera 5.7: Understanding data value with Cloudera Navigator
    Cloudera Navigator is the only integrated data management and governance for Hadoop. With Cloudera 5.7, we have further expanded the capabilities in Cloudera Navigator to make it even easier to understand your data and maintain metadata consistency as it moves through Hadoop.
    • Tuesday, May 17 2016
    • Category: Recorded Webinars
  9. /content/www/en-us/resources/whitepaper/integrating-cloudera-and-sap-hana/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1463519563052.png
    Integrating Cloudera and SAP HANA
    SAP HANA and Cloudera Enterprise provide powerful and flexible platforms for managing and analyzing data. The HANA in-memory architecture supports high-performance and real-time analytics, while Cloudera supports economical and secure storage and processing for petabyte scale data sets.
    • Tuesday, May 17 2016
    • File Type: .PDF
    • Category: Document, White Papers
  10. /content/www/en-us/resources/recordedwebinar/multi-tenant-operations-with-cloudera-5-7-bt/jcr:content/bucket/resourcecomponent.img.png/1462999460013.png
    Multi-Tenant Operations with Cloudera 5.7 & BT
    One benefit of Apache Hadoop is the ability to power multiple workloads, across many different users and departments, all within a single, shared cluster. Hear how BT is doing this today and learn about new features in Cloudera Manager to provide better visibility for multi-tenant operations.
    • Wednesday, May 11 2016
    • Category: Recorded Webinars