Cloudera Academic Partners

Growing interest around Apache Hadoop and Big Data solutions is driving demand for professionals with the skills to derive value from all data.  To this end, Cloudera is partnering with colleges, universities, and trade schools around the globe to help develop the next generation of Big Data professionals.

The Cloudera Academic Partners (CAP) Program is designed to provide accredited, nonprofit universities access to industry-leading resources to help streamline and accelerate adoption of Hadoop. Watch this webinar to learn how CAP can help bring the benefits of Cloudera's Big Data Platform to your school, and check out the success stories on San Jose State University and California State University, Los Angeles.

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Course Materials & Training for Classroom Instruction

Cloudera will provide professors from participating schools with discounts to world-class instruction and free training materials to facilitate the inclusion of Hadoop administrator and developer topics in their academic portfolios.

Students will benefit from industry-leading training materials, hands-on exercises, and access to discounted certification exams, providing them with tangible, market-recognized credentials in addition to their university degrees.

Click here to submit an Academic Partnership inquiry and learn more about delivering Cloudera's Hadoop training curriculum at your institution.

CDH and Cloudera Manager for Professors & Students

Cloudera invites staff and students to download Cloudera Express (or the Cloudera Quickstart VM), which includes CDH, the world’s most deployed and enterprise-ready Apache Hadoop distribution, and Cloudera Manager, designed to simplify the installation, configuration, and performance analysis of your Hadoop cluster.

CDH is thoroughly tested, 100% open source, and includes over a dozen Apache projects to ensure you have everything you need to utilize Hadoop in development or production.

You may install Cloudera Express today with no further requirements.