Cloudera Manager 4.6.2

A Single Interface to Manage Your CDH Cluster

Cloudera Manager 4.x works with both CDH 3.x* and CDH 4.x. and is available with:
Cloudera Express - Easily deploy, manage, monitor and perform diagnostics on your Hadoop cluster
Cloudera Enterprise – Includes all the above capabilities, plus advanced management features and support including zero downtime upgrades and backup and disaster recovery.

*Please note: CDH 3 is no longer maintained. CM 4.x will continue to support CDH 3 but it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to CDH 4.

Instructions for Installing Previous Cloudera Manager Versions:

To install any previous version of Cloudera Manager 4, you must create a custom repository for the RPM or DEB Files.

See the instructions in Installing Older Versions of Cloudera Manager 4.

The download locations of the 4.0.x RPM or DEB Files are listed in Cloudera Manager Version and Download Information.