Cloudera Enterprise

Hadoop for the Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise helps you become information-driven by leveraging the best of the open source community with the enterprise capabilities you need to succeed with Apache Hadoop in your organization. Designed specifically for mission-critical environments, Cloudera Enterprise includes CDH, the world’s most popular open source Hadoop-based platform, as well as advanced system management and data management tools plus dedicated support and community advocacy from our world-class team of Hadoop developers and experts. Cloudera is your partner on the path to big data.

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Cloudera Enterprise, with Apache Hadoop at the core, is:

  • Unified – one integrated system, bringing diverse users and application workloads to one pool of data on common infrastructure; no data movement required
  • Secure – perimeter security, authentication, granular authorization, and data protection
  • Governed – enterprise-grade data auditing, data lineage, and data discovery
  • Managed – native high-availability, fault-tolerance and self-healing storage, automated backup and disaster recovery, and advanced system and data management
  • Open – Apache-licensed open source to ensure your data and applications remain yours, and an open platform to connect with all of your existing investments in technology and skills

Rethink Data Management

With Cloudera Enterprise, today’s leading organizations put their data at the center of their operations, to increase business visibility and reduce costs, while successfully managing risk and compliance requirements.

What's Inside?

CDH - At the core of Cloudera Enterprise is CDH, which combines Apache Hadoop with a number of other open source projects to create a single, massively scalable system where you can unite storage with an array of powerful processing and analytic frameworks. Learn More »

Automated Cluster Management – Cloudera Manager - Cloudera Enterprise includes Cloudera Manager to help you easily deploy, manage, monitor, and diagnose issues with your cluster. Cloudera is critical for operating clusters at scale. Learn More »

Cloudera Support - Get the industry’s best technical support for Hadoop. With Cloudera Support, you’ll experience more uptime, faster issue resolution, better performance to support your mission critical applications, and faster delivery of the platform features you care about. Learn More »

Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

Cloudera Enterprise also offers support for several advanced components that extend and complement the value of Apache Hadoop:


Online NoSQL – HBase

HBase is a distributed key-value store that helps you build real-time applications on massive tables (billions of rows, millions of columns) with fast, random access.

Analytic SQL – Impala

Impala is the industry’s leading massively-parallel (MPP) SQL engine built for Hadoop.

Search – Cloudera Search

Cloudera Search lets your users query and browse data in Hadoop just they would search Google or your favorite e-commerce site.

In-Memory Machine Learning and Stream Processing – Apache Spark

Spark delivers fast, in-memory analytics and real-time stream processing for Hadoop.

Data Management – Cloudera Navigator

Cloudera Navigator provides critical enterprise data audit, lineage, and data discovery capabilities that enterprises require.

One Solution, Three Editions, Designed for You

Cloudera Enterprise is available on a subscription basis in three editions, each designed for your specific needs.

Basic Edition

Rely on superior support and advanced management for core Hadoop to run storage and batch processing in production environments.

Flex Edition

Run dedicated applications built on your choice of advanced component.

Data Hub Edition

Get everything you need to become information-driven, including unlimited use of every advanced component.

Each edition is available with your choice of 8x5 or 24x7 support from the industry’s leading team of Hadoop experts, licensed either per server, or per terabyte stored. Flex and Data Hub Editions also include open source indemnification, and an optional premium support extension for mission-critical environments.