The Platform for Big Data

Cloudera’s revolutionary data management platform is designed specifically to address the opportunities and challenges of Big Data. Cloudera combines Apache Hadoop with a number of other open source projects to create a single, massively scalable system where you can unite storage with an array of powerful processing and analytic frameworks. By uniting flexible storage and processing under a single management framework and set of system resources, Cloudera delivers the versatility and agility required for modern data management – where you can ingest, store, process, explore and analyze data of any type or quantity without migrating it between multiple specialized systems.

  • Unified Data – run transformations, analysis and applications against a common data set
  • Unified Metadata – all jobs and queries leverage a single metadata model
  • Unified System – all data operations run on a single set of nodes
  • Unified Security – a single model for security, data access and compliance
  • Unified Management – centralized system and data management

Platform Options

Cloudera delivers a complete data management platform that’s powered by Hadoop. The foundation of the Cloudera platform is CDH, the world’s most complete, tested and widely deployed distribution of Hadoop. Our commercial offerings, Cloudera Standard and Cloudera Enterprise, combine CDH with powerful management software and support to form a comprehensive solution that’s easy to deploy, manage, and scale.


100% Open Source Distribution

CDH is the most complete, tested and widely deployed open source Hadoop distribution.

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Cloudera Standard

Everything to Get Started

Cloudera Standard is a free offering that combines CDH with automated cluster management.

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Cloudera Enterprise

Hadoop for the Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise is a series of subscriptions that include everything in Cloudera Standard plus enhanced management capabilities and support.

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Cloudera Service Offerings

Professional Services

Cloudera Professional Services provide unrivaled expertise based on experience with in-production Hadoop systems across a range of industries and Fortune 100 engagements. Learn more »


Cloudera University is the leading provider of Apache Hadoop training and certification — having trained more than 15,000 students worldwide. We offer public and private classroom training and free online resources to ensure IT professionals can have access to the world's most comprehensive selection of Hadoop training material. Learn more »

The Platform for Big Data White Paper

Big Data, with Hadoop at its center, threatens to upend the status quo across organizations from the data center to the boardroom. Learn more
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Cloudera Enterprise Quickstart

Accelerate your time to success with Hadoop with Data Processing and Data Analytics quickstart packages. Learn more
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