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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    Enhancing Functionality and Security of Enterprise Data Holdings
    • Friday, Oct 03 2014
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    • Category: Government, Cyber security, Document, White Papers
    The partnership between Cloudera and Intel Corporation announced in 2014 enables a closer coordination of engineering and development activities over the full stack of technologies supporting modern enterprise analytic solutions. This paper, produced by three chief technology officers with extensive experience in fielding data solutions into government agencies, reviews some key developments resulting from this new engineering work and provides design considerations for enterprises seeking to modernize in ways that economically enhance functionality and security.
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    Information-Driven Financial Services, Big Data, and the Enterprise Data Hub
    • Friday, Aug 22 2014
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    • Category: Fraud detection, Financial Services, Document, White Papers
    The greatest promise of the information-driven enterprise resides in the business-relevant questions financial services firms have historically been unable or afraid to ask, related to data consolidation and multi-tenancy, full-fidelity analytics and regulatory compliance, and Big Data.
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    CDH & Enterprise Security
    • Monday, Sep 17 2012
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    • Category: White Papers, About Cloudera, CDH, Document
    Understand the security models available in CDH and the related components required to deploy and maintain a secure CDH environment.
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    An Enterprise Data Hub, the Next Gen Operational Data Store
    • Wednesday, Aug 12 2015
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    • Category: White Papers, Analyst Reports, Document, Data hub
    Cloudera is proud to host hired brains analyst and data systems expert Neil Raden in a series of papers aimed at helping IT professionals understand the opportunities they have to modernize and ultimately optimize their data environments.
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    Data Warehouse Optimization with Hadoop
    • Friday, Feb 07 2014
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    • Category: Document, White Papers, Data Integration, Data processing ETL offload, Data warehousing offload, Business process optimization
    Optimize your data warehouse using Hadoop as an enterprise data hub. This whitepaper outlines a new reference architecture jointly developed by Informatica and Cloudera to help organizations speed time to value, maximize productivity, lower costs, and minimize risk to better capitalize on the business value of big data.
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    Using Cloudera to Improve Data Processing
    • Thursday, Sep 06 2012
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    • Category: White Papers, About Cloudera, Document
    Cloudera simplifies data processing, which is critical to supporting everyday operations such as report generation, measuring internal metrics day-to-day, and reporting quarterly financial results.
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    The Enterprise Data Hub for Public Sector
    • Wednesday, Apr 01 2015
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    • Category: Government, White Papers, Solution Briefs, Document
    In order to collect, organize and analyze data, gain actionable information, and meet mission, today’s leaders in government realize that their agencies must become information-driven. This means developing a culture where individuals are empowered to make decisions with facts, rather than relying on opinion. Across virtually every sector of government, agencies are turning to an enterprise data hub architecture to help them achieve their goals and mission.
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    The Platform for Big Data
    • Wednesday, Mar 06 2013
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    • Category: White Papers, Document
    This whitepaper speaks to how the modern era of Big Data, with Hadoop at it's center, threatens to upend the status quo across organizations from the data center to the boardroom.
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    Lower Costs and Increase Productivity with Enterprise-Ready Hadoop
    • Tuesday, Jun 11 2013
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    • Category: White Papers, Document, Data processing ETL offload, Data warehousing offload
    Understand how organizations can realize big data’s promise by combining Cloudera Enterprise, an open-source Hadoop distribution and associated tools and services, and the Informatica Platform.
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    Insurers Capitalize on Big Data and Hadoop
    • Friday, Jul 31 2015
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    • Category: White Papers, About Cloudera, CDH
    Insurance is a business built on data. Insurers analyze data to understand, evaluate and assume profitable risks. While data is the most valuable asset for insurers; actuaries, underwriters and other key stakeholders are hard pressed to obtain the right data at the right time.