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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    HBaseCon 2012 | Developing Real Time Analytics Applications Using HBase in the Cloud
    • Monday, Jun 18 2012
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video
    Sproxil provides a versatile analytics application enabling customers to handpick statistics on demand to gain market insights enabling them react quickly to trends.
  2. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/video-hbasecon-2012-an-hbase-operations-discussion/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2012 | An HBase Operations Discussion
    • Monday, Jun 18 2012
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video
    A panel of HBase practitioners discuss the role and challenges of HBase and how both of these will change in the coming years.
  3. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/hbasecon-2013-general-session-welcome-by-michael-stack-video/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2013 | General Session Welcome by Michael Stack
    • Thursday, Jun 13 2013
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    Conference MC Michael Stack, Chair of the HBaseCon 2013 Program Committee, welcomes you to the conference and offers a preview of the day.
  4. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/hbasecon-2013-scalable-network-designs-for-apache-hbase-video/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent_0.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2013 | Scalable Network Designs for Apache HBase
    • Thursday, Jun 13 2013
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    Based on production experience with HBase since 2009, as well as recent benchmark results, this talk from Arista Network's Benoit Sigoure take you through network designs and optimizations for HBase, as well as possible ways to make the network work better for Apache Hadoop/HBase.
  5. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/hbasecon-2013--realtime-user-segmentation-using-apache-hbase-architectural-case-study-video/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2013 | Realtime User Segmentation using Apache HBase: Architectural Case Study
    • Thursday, Jun 13 2013
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    RichRelevance's Murtaza Doctor and Giang Nguyen demonstrate not only how the events are captured, but also how they are stored in HBase in real-time.
  6. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/video-hbasecon-2012-living-data-applying-adaptable-schemas-to-hbase/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2012 | Living Data: Applying Adaptable Schemas to HBase
    • Monday, Jun 18 2012
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video
    A schema management methodology based on Apache Avro that enables users and applications to share data in HBase in a scalable, evolvable fashion.
  7. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/hbasecon-2012--building-a-large-search-platform-on-a-shoestring-budget-jacques-nadeau/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2012 | Building a Large Search Platform on a Shoestring Budget
    • Monday, May 14 2012
    • Category: Video, HBaseCon
    YapMap is a new kind of search platform that does multi-quanta search to better understand threaded discussions.
  8. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/hbasecon-2012--lightning-talk--base-metrics-what-they-mean-to-you---david-s-wang---cloudera/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2012 | Base Metrics: What They Mean to You
    • Friday, Jun 08 2012
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video
    This talk will explain how to understand and interpret the metrics HBase exports. Along the way we’ll cover some high-level background on HBase’s internals, and share some battle tested rules-of-thumb about how to interpret and react to metrics you might see.
  9. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon/hbasecon-2013--using-coprocessors-to-index-columns-in-an-elasticsearch-cluster-video/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342513992.png
    HBaseCon 2013 | Using Coprocessors to Index Columns in an Elasticsearch Cluster
    • Thursday, Jun 13 2013
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    Dibyendu Bhattacharya of HappiestMinds explores the design and challenges HappiestMinds faced while implementing a storage and search infrastructure for a large publisher where books/documents/artifacts related records are stored in Apache HBase.
  10. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/digital-library-collection-management-using-hbase/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.jpg/1418343800265.jpg
    Digital Library Collection Management using HBase
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: HBaseCon, Presentation, Video
    This talk covers the value-add that HBase brings to digital collection management.