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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    Best Practices for the Hadoop Data Warehouse: EDW 101 for Hadoop Professionals
    • Thursday, May 29 2014
    • Category: Recorded Webinars, Video, Why Consolidation Data Platform, Data processing ETL offload
    Dr. Ralph Kimball and Eli Collins describe standard data warehouse best practices in Hadoop and how to implement them within a Hadoop environment. This includes identification of dimensions and facts, managing primary keys, and handling slowly changing dimensions (SCDs) and conformed dimensions.
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    Large Scale Machine Learning with Apache Spark
    • Wednesday, May 21 2014
    • Category: Recorded Webinars, Video, CDH, Predictive modeling, Cyber security, Fraud detection
    Spark offers a number of advantages over its predecessor MapReduce that make it ideal for large-scale machine learning. For example, Spark includes MLLib, a library of machine learning algorithms for large data. The presentation will cover the state of MLLib and the details of some of the scalable algorithms it includes, mainly K-means.
  3. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/recordedwebinar/sas-and-cloudera--analytics-at-scale/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1405383569146.png
    SAS® and Cloudera Analytics at Scale and Speed
    • Wednesday, May 07 2014
    • Category: Predictive modeling, Data hub, Business process optimization, Software Vendor (ISV), Video, CDH, Recorded Webinars
    Learn about SAS and Cloudera technical integration, how SAS builds on the enterprise data hub, and SAS In-Memory solutions for Hadoop and machine learning capabilities.
  4. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/productdemo/sas-and-cloudera-demo/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1405556337477.png
    SAS and Cloudera Demo
    • Wednesday, May 07 2014
    • Category: Predictive modeling, Software Vendor (ISV), Video, Product Demos
    Watch this demo of SAS Visual Analytics where we explore example data from a potential super market wishing to create a new line of organic products.
  5. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/a-survey-of-hbase-application-archetypes-ppt/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1405466871310.png
    A Survey of HBase Application Archetypes
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    This talk presents these archetypes and others based on a use-case survey of clusters conducted by Cloudera's development, product, and services teams.
  6. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/hbasecon-2014-general-session/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.jpg/1405466885061.jpg
    HbaseCon 2014 General Session
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: Video, HBaseCon, Presentation
    The General Session of HBaseCon 2014, including introductions from Michael Stack and Amr Awadallah of Cloudera and talks by Carter Page of Google, Liyin Tang of Facebook (not recorded), and Lars Hofhansl of
  7. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/hbase--just-the-basics/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.jpg/1405466900569.jpg
    HBase: Just the Basics
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: Video, Presentation, HBaseCon
    A brief Cliff's Notes-level talk covering architecture, API, and schema design
  8. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/hbase-design-patterns---yahoo--/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.jpg/1405106048303.jpg
    HBase Design Patterns @ Yahoo!
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: Presentation, Video, HBaseCon
    This talk reviews some recurring HBase design patterns at Yahoo! and shares some learnings and experiences.
  9. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/design-patterns-for-building-360-degree-views-with-hbase-and-kij/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.jpg/1405466366700.jpg
    Design Patterns for Building 360-degree Views with HBase and Kiji
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    This talk will introduce the concept of entity-centric storage, discuss what it means, what it enables for businesses, and how to develop an entity-centric system using the open-source Kiji framework and HBase.
  10. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/hbasecon2014/opentsdb-2-0/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.jpg/1405466398469.jpg
    OpenTSDB 2.0
    • Monday, May 05 2014
    • Category: HBaseCon, Video, Presentation
    The OpenTSDB community continues to grow and with users looking to store massive amounts of time-series data in a scalable manner. In this talk, we will discuss a number of use cases and best practices around naming schemas and HBase configuration. We will also review OpenTSDB 2.0's new features, including the HTTP API, plugins, annotations, millisecond support, and metadata, as well as what's next in the roadmap.