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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    Patterns and Predictions Uses Big Data to Predict Veteran Suicide Risk
    • Tuesday, Aug 27 2013
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    Patterns and Predictions uses Hadoop to power The Durkheim Project – a Big Data analytics network for the assessment of mental health risks. This project aims to find patterns of at risk military veterans, make predictions as to which individuals are at risk, and then implement helpful social engineering to help that person find an alternate outcome.
  2. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/sfr-implements-an-enterprise-data-hub-to-improve-the-customer-jo/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342558967.png
    SFR Implements an Enterprise Data Hub to Improve the Customer Journey
    • Monday, Nov 03 2014
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    • Category: Document, Case Studies, 360-degree customer view, Telecommunications
    By complementing its data warehouse infrastructure with Cloudera Enterprise, Data Hub Edition, SFR is delivering the 360-degree view that will help the company optimize the customer journey. Many of SFR’s employees now have a self-service discovery environment enabling query and exploration of a single, centralized data store using familiar tools.
  3. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/cloudera-and-magnify-success-story/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1423111390951.png
    Helping the Fortune 100 Access a 360-degree Customer View Through a Self-serve Data Hub
    • Wednesday, Feb 04 2015
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    By deploying Impala and allowing for self-service data discovery, Magnify can offer clients a web-based solution through which they interact directly with Hadoop.
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    Western Union Implements Enterprise Data Hub on its Path to Deliver an Omni-channel Customer Experience
    • Thursday, Jun 26 2014
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    Developing relevant and forward-looking customer solutions that drive a better, more personalized experience for both senders and receivers.
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    Cloudera And MicroStrategy Deliver Easy-to-Use Business Intelligence for Apache Hadoop
    • Thursday, Jan 09 2014
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    • Category: Document, Case Studies
    Empowering business users to extract valuable insights from massive volumes of structured and unstructured data.
  6. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/amd-improves-yield-predictions-with-cloudera/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342558967.png
    AMD Improves Yield Predictions with Cloudera-Powered Engineering Data Warehouse
    • Tuesday, Apr 22 2014
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    • Category: Document, Cloudera Enterprise, Case Studies
    AMD decided to migrate from a relational database management system (RDBMS) to an Apache Hadoop- powered Cloudera system that can process and store more detailed and historical data at low cost.
  7. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/identifying-fraud-managing-risk-and-improving-compliance-in-financial-services-datameer-solution-brie/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342558967.png
    Solution Brief: Identifying Fraud, Managing Risk and Improving Compliance in Financial Services
    • Friday, Nov 30 2012
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    Cloudera helps companies implement and manage Apache Hadoop so they can derive competitive advantage from Big Data. Datameer provides Apache Hadoop-based analytics that help firms increase operational efficiency, minimize risks and meet financial compliance regulations.
  8. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/cloudera-and-vmware-accelerate-enterprise-hadoop-in-virtual-and-cloud-environments/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342558967.png
    Cloudera and VMware Accelerate Enterprise Hadoop in Virtual and Cloud Environments
    • Friday, Aug 30 2013
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    Running Apache Hadoop on vSphere offers increased agility, lower TCO and better control of resources to increase hardware utilization. By virtualizing Apache Hadoop, IT departments are able to gain the benefits of pooling compute and storage resources on one common platform.
  9. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/shifting-the-center-of-gravity-for-data-management-to-hadoop/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342558967.png
    Shifting the Center of Gravity for Data Management to Hadoop
    • Monday, Nov 04 2013
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    The Cloudera platform has helped this organization free up Vertica resources so the data ware- house can focus on what it was built for: fast, sophisticated reporting and analytics. Hadoop is the center of gravity in this data management infrastructure; it is core to data processing requirements.
  10. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/microstrategy-case-study-adconion-direct/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1418342558967.png
    MicroStrategy Case Study-Adconion Direct
    • Wednesday, Jul 02 2014
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    Every month, Adconion records over 22 billion ad events. Through MicroStrategy subscriptions, users are getting records of impressions, clicks, and other events delivered to them within minutes of the event occurrences. This actionable data allows users to better adjust price points and pacing of their web campaigns for the most effective results.