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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    Machine Learning and Hadoop | Present and Future
    • Wednesday, Dec 21 2011
    • Category: Case Studies, Other Events, Presentation Slides

    Industrial machine learning, machine learning and Hadoop, and things industry needs from academia.

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    Cloudera Manager 3.7 Demo
    • Monday, Dec 12 2011
    • Category: Case Studies, Cloudera Manager, Product Demos, Video
    Cloudera Manager provides comprehensive, proactive management across Hadoop clusters.
  3. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/casestudy/merkle-delivers-connected-consumer-recognition-with-its-enterpri/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396638913317.png
    Merkle Delivers Connected Consumer Recognition with Its Enterprise Data Hub
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    • Category: Case Studies, Document, Data warehousing offload, Data processing ETL offload, Data hub
    Merkle employs an analytically led, data-driven methodology and an enterprise data hub (EDH) from Cloudera to help large consumer brand clients build and sustain profitable customer relationships through smarter marketing.
  4. /content/cloudera/en/resources/library/whitepaper/Ten_Common_Hadoop-able_Problems_Real-World_Hadoop_Use_Cases_White_Paper/jcr:content/mainContent/resourcecomponent.img.png/1396638000727.png
    Ten Common Hadoopable Problems: Real-World Hadoop Use Cases
    • Friday, Sep 21 2012
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    • Category: Document, White Papers, Case Studies, 360-degree customer view, Business process optimization, Data processing ETL offload, Data warehousing offload, Predictive modeling, Time series analysis, Telemetry, Data hub
    Ten real-world Hadoop use cases that may apply directly to your business. This is only a small sample of the ways that companies are using Hadoop today.