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Cloudera offers a variety of materials on big data consolidation, storage and processing. The library includes high-level overviews as well as detailed information on Apache Hadoop and the surrounding ecosystem.

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    Cloudera Search and the Enterprise Data Hub
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    Cloudera Search plays an important part in realizing an enterprise data hub (EDH) architecture and strategy and serves a multitude of use cases across the organization. Its native integration with Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem is key to future business innovation and insight. Search opens doors to powerful, yet approachable, aggregation and correlation of structured and unstructured data.
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    Cloudera in the Public Cloud
    • Thursday, Mar 20 2014
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    Enterprises need to consider multiple factors when deciding to deploy an EDH to the cloud, on-premise, and everywhere in between. This paper looks at these options, common architectures, and best practices and examines Cloudera's capabilities and unique advantages for cloud deployments.
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    Multitenancy and the Enterprise Data Hub
    • Thursday, Mar 20 2014
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    Best practices and architectures for multiple services and user communities in Apache Hadoop
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    Hadoop and HDFS
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    Enterprises are rapidly discovering the power of Apache Hadoop and big data to drive more powerful, data-driven insights and better position their organizations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive economy. Hadoop’s innovation in scalability, cost efficiency, and flexibility affords enterprises an unprecedented ability to handle greater volume, greater velocity, and greater variety of data than traditional data management technologies. For these information-driven enterprises, this next step in the evolution of data management is an enterprise data hub.
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    Hadoop - Extending Your Data Warehouse
    • Tuesday, Apr 23 2013
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    Register to receive this recently published whitepaper, Hadoop: Extending Your Data Warehouse by Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Ovum IT Enterprise Solutions, to learn how to get started on bringing Hadoop into your EDW and BI architectures.
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    TDWI Best Practices Report:
    Integrating Hadoop into Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
    • Monday, Apr 01 2013
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    Hadoop promises to assist with the toughest challenges in BI today, including big data, advanced analytics, and multi-structured data. Download this TDWI Best Practices Report to learn how to integrate Hadoop into your business intelligence, analytics, data integration, and data warehousing technology stacks.
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    Ask Bigger Questions: A Round Table Discussion
    • Sunday, Oct 21 2012
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    In this exclusive conversation, the technical leaders of Cloudera discuss the definition, origins, and future of Big Data and Apache Hadoop — and their value for business and humankind.
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    CDH & Enterprise Security
    • Monday, Sep 17 2012
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    Understand the security models available in CDH and the related components required to deploy and maintain a secure CDH environment.
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    Why Are Financial Services Firms Adopting Cloudera's Big Data Solutions?
    • Thursday, Sep 06 2012
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    Cloudera helps financial services companies implement and manage Apache Hadoop so they can derive competitive advantage from big data.
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    Using Cloudera to Improve Data Processing
    • Thursday, Sep 06 2012
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    Cloudera simplifies data processing, which is critical to supporting everyday operations such as report generation, measuring internal metrics day-to-day, and reporting quarterly financial results.