Cognitive Computing, Technology & Infrastructure
Driving Situational Awareness throughout the Financial Institution

Learn current state and future risk and compliance challenges facing the financial services industry, how cognitive computing paired with a scalable, secure and managed infrastructure can close current surveillance gaps, while reducing false positives and revealing real risks, and what is needed to operationalize and manage a bank-wide Hadoop environment.

Date: Tuesday, Jun 17 2014


To be agile in today’s distributed, dynamic, and disrupted banking environment requires full situational awareness of risk. Many financial organizations manage islands of data and fail to see the interconnections of risk across these data sources. What might seem trivial by itself actually acts as part of an interconnected web of risk that in aggregate can be very significant and troubling.

Learn how financial institutions are now leveraging cognitive computing and unstructured data (Big Data) to help them achieve a comprehensive and cohesive situational awareness strategy, while significantly reducing their operational costs and their reputational and regulatory risks.

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