Security for Hadoop

Gazzang is Now Part of the Cloudera Family

We are happy to announce that Cloudera and Gazzang have joined forces to bring you the most complete enterprise security solution for Hadoop available today. Read the press release to learn more.

Innovate without Compromise

Hadoop is quickly marching to the heart of the data center. An enterprise data hub built on Hadoop offers unprecedented opportunity to build big data applications and enable data access across the enterprise like never before. As new capabilities get added, you should be able to take advantage of them quickly, without having to be concerned about security. That requires a solution that builds security into the core, to ensure you don’t put your data assets at risk. Anything else isn’t even an option.

Comprehensive Security for Hadoop

Only Cloudera allows you to build an enterprise data hub that includes the breadth of security required for your big data applications. Cloudera is driving a vision for security at the core of Hadoop -- in the open without fragmentation in the ecosystem. Through innovations like Sentry and project Rhino, only Cloudera will offer the breadth of security capabilities required to meet the stringent requirements of every enterprise. Cloudera Enterprise offers a central place to manage and monitor security policies across the stack.

Cloudera has the most secure enterprise data hub

Meets the Compliance Requirements of the Enterprise

Depending on your industry, compliance with regulations is a show stopper when it comes to data management. HIPAA,FERPA, PCI are all examples of compliance measures designed to protect the personal information within industry. Without the right measures in place, you risk exposing details about the customers you deal with day in and day out. Possibly worse still, your organization can face strict penalties and fines if the right measures are not in place.