Security for Hadoop

Innovate Without Compromise

An enterprise data hub built on Hadoop offers unprecedented opportunity to build big data applications and enable data access across the enterprise like never before. As new capabilities get added, you should be able to take advantage of them quickly, without concerns about security. That requires a solution that builds security into the core, to ensure you don’t put your data assets at risk. Anything else isn’t even an option.

Compliance-Ready Security for Hadoop

Only Cloudera allows you to build an enterprise data hub that includes the security and governance required for your big data applications. Cloudera is driving a vision for security at the core of Hadoop -- in an open, unified, and comprehensive way. With the Cloudera Center for Security Excellence and innovations like Sentry and Navigator, only Cloudera offers the breadth of security capabilities necessary to meet the stringent requirements of every enterprise. Cloudera Enterprise offers a central place to manage and monitor security policies across the stack.

Cloudera Center for Security Excellence

The Cloudera Center for Security Excellence is based in Austin, Texas and is dedicated entirely to enterprise Hadoop security. Following the acquisition of Gazzang, the Cloudera Center for Security Excellence develops comprehensive data and cluster security technologies, while also enabling integration with key security partners. Complete with a Hadoop security test and certification lab, it is yet another way we are committed to your success.


Cloudera has the most secure enterprise data hub

Guard the Perimeter

One of the benefits of Hadoop is that it easily allows for multiple entry points both for data flow and user access. This means to secure cluster access, you can’t simply put up a firewall around your cluster with a single access gate. Cloudera provides comprehensive perimeter security that preserves the agility of multiple entry points while providing strong authentication that’s easy to manage. Cloudera Manager makes it easy to secure your cluster using industry standard Kerberos, LDAP/AD, and SAML.

Protect Data-At-Rest and Data In Motion

Through our acquisition of Gazzang, Cloudera is able to protect data-at-rest and data in motion through encryption and powerful key management - all integrated into Cloudera Navigator. Navigator Encrypt provides massively scalable, high performance encryption for critical Hadoop data. Navigator Key Trustee is a “virtual safe-deposit box” for managing encryption keys, certificates, and passwords. Both are completely integrated into Navigator and are available today.

Watch the webinar on Navigator Encrypt and Key Trustee

Control Access with Project Rhino and Sentry

Project Rhino is an open source initiative dedicated to enhancing security in Hadoop. In collaboration with Intel and the community, Cloudera is dedicated to furthering the efforts of Project Rhino. As part of the initiative, Cloudera has donated Apache Sentry as a common authorization framework. Sentry integrates with the Hadoop platform and allows you to store sensitive data while meeting regulatory requirements. Sentry allows for fine-grained authorization and role-based access controls across the Hadoop platform, all through a single, unified system. Multi-tenant administration also allows you to extend Hadoop to more users, securely.

Watch the webinar on Project Rhino and Apache Sentry

Gain Visibility with Cloudera Navigator

Cloudera Navigator is the only native end-to-end governance solution for Hadoop. It provides full visibility into where data came from and how it’s being used to verify authenticity and easily comply with regulatory requirements. Key features of Navigator include: comprehensive auditing, fine-grained access controls, discovery and exploration, and data lineage. Cloudera Navigator also includes Navigator Encrypt and Navigator Key Trustee for high-performance data-at-rest encryption and enterprise key management.

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