Financial Services

3 of the top 5 banks run Cloudera.

The digital revolution has dramatically changed the financial services industry, making it business-critical for financial services companies to collect, store and analyze massive volumes of data.

Many of today’s top financial service firms rely on Cloudera to create central data hubs that combine large volumes of diverse and detailed data, allowing them to ask bigger questions that drive competitive advantage in several key business applications. The result: they can better serve their customers, understand their risk exposure and reduce incidents of fraud.


Consumer & Market Risk Modeling

While financial services companies have more access to customer data than ever, they know less about those customers than before. Cloudera enables the large-scale data ingestion that is necessary to keep pace with today’s digital world, capturing and analyzing all customer interactions. 

Similarly, access to ever-increasing sources of data presents an opportunity as the sophistication of market risk modeling increases. By utilizing information from internal trading systems, logs from trade execution systems and external sources such as social media data and news feeds, financial services companies can have access to larger volumes and richer data than ever before. Cloudera helps financial services companies continuously model and refine consumer groups while maintaining higher quality risk profiles.

JPMorgan Chase uses Hadoop technology for fraud detection, IT risk management and self service. Read the ComputerWorld article.

Cloudera Recognized for Innovation by JPMorgan Chase.
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Personalization & Recommendations

With the move from in-person to online banking and financial services, firms have been able to offer more convenient, functional services to customers digitally while sacrificing the personal touch. However, Cloudera opens the door to a more personalized online experience: By tracking user interactions across systems and channels in real time, firms can categorize customers dynamically and experiment with uniquely targeted offers and advice for a better and more personalized client experience. Cloudera Enterprise will be embedded into Logica’s Applied Customer Insights (ACI) solution.

Western Union implements an enterprise data hub on its path to deliver an omni-channel customer experience. View the success story.

Fraud Detection & Anti-Money Laundering

Financial services companies are challenged to create a balance between increasing service offerings while reducing exposure to perpetrators. As new systems and features are rolled out to customers, perpetrators are constantly adapting to fraud prevention techniques. Sophisticated firms are using Cloudera to perfect their fraud detection models. These companies can compare experimental results with simulations that leverage actual recorded data. They also deploy large testing sandboxes for research and development and real-time fraud detection engines to catch bad behavior in flight. JPMorgan Chase uses Hadoop technology for a growing number of purposes, including fraud detection, IT risk management and self service.

Cloudera and Datameer help financial services companies identify fraud, manage risk and improve compliance. Read the solution brief.


Portfolio Valuations

In order to forecast mortgage portfolio valuations, organizations build out and continuously adjust predictive models. These models produce enormous data volumes that must then be cross-compared with actual market behavior. 

Cloudera helps financial services firms store longer consumer history, payment data, structured external credit data sources, and unstructured sources such as property valuation sites, local consumer offers, crime report data and public sentiment data. By combining this data geographically and aligning it chronologically, they can enrich the attributes related to particular mortgages and apply more data to their models.

Morgan Stanley Takes On Big Data With Hadoop. Read the Forbes article.

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Western Union implements an enterprise data hub on its path to deliver an omni-channel customer experience.
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Financial services firm finds fraud with Hadoop while saving $30 million.
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