Cloudera and SAP

The partnership of SAP and Cloudera offers enterprises compelling solutions to the challenges of Big Data and enterprise data management and analytics. With SAP and Cloudera, forward-thinking enterprises can connect existing business intelligence applications and next-generation analytical systems, like the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite and SAP HANA, directly to their Cloudera-powered Big Data sources.


Meeting the Big Data Challenge with SAP and Cloudera

Enterprises are today at a crossroads in the evolution of their enterprise data architectures. You face the challenge of producing meaningful business value from your growing archives of unstructured data as well as from the expanding array of data sources, both inside and outside your organization.

SAP Lumira on Cloudera Impala

Industry-leading solutions from SAP and Cloudera offer companies the latitude to discover the value of their data by:


  • Generating high-quality insights from poorly accessible archives
  • Extending practices and analytics to include new data and forms found throughout the organization and beyond
  • Adapting practices and architectures that both gain from current investments and build for future business


The combination of SAP and Cloudera provides you with Big Data architectures that power:


  • Unified data refineries for limitless archives and analysis with CDH
  • Common models and access for ETL and analytics on Hadoop with SAP Business Objects BI suite and SAP Data Services
  • Powerful platforms that harness and combine the advanced analytics of SAP HANA and CDH