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About Capgemini

With more than 125,000 people in 44 countries, Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Capgemini’s Global Service Line Business Information Management (BIM) addresses the whole information lifecycle to ensure your organization gets real business value from its data resources. More than 8,000 professionals worldwide work in BIM.

Joint Solution

Insights-driven operations with SAP HANA and Cloudera Enterprise

Collaborating with SAP® and Intel, Cloudera and Capgemini have created a reference architecture, integrating all the components needed to put “Insights at the point of action”. We have designed an innovative reference architecture that can enable real-time integration with business processes and operational systems through SAP HANA’s link with SAP Business Suite. This allows companies to benefit from high-performance computing, combined with optimized total cost of ownership (TCO) and scalability that Cloudera provides.

With the integration of SAP HANA and Cloudera Enterprise, it is now possible to look at the net new value that can be brought to business operations, by bridging the gap between transactions and analytics. This solution is designed to both support the new Internet of things and connected people applications, and to keep improving your existing landscape.

In addition to extending the scope of data, this solution gives you access to new analytical capabilities (machine learning, long-term signal detection on the longest history of data). Training these algorithms on more data means more accurate predictions, and more accurate preventative actions helps to retain your most valuable customers.

Cloudera and Capgemini complete your big data strategy with enterprise data hub accelerator

The Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator helps organizations execute their first Big Data projects quickly and effectively by providing a clear and complete roadmap on how to scale the data platform, governance, and analytics. This roadmap becomes part of a full enterprise-wide Big Data strategy to aid business transformation.

The Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator addresses organizations’ needs to better understand where they should start with Big Data implementations, how to ensure success and value creation for their business users, and how to guarantee that the choices made will scale long term.

The solution combines Cloudera’s open-source, enterprise data management platform, with Capgemini’s best practices in Information Strategy and Transformation. Cloudera provides one centralized platform to manage all data in an agile and cost-efficient way so it can be integrated flexibly with existing infrastructure and tools. Capgemini works with the customer to identify business drivers transform information governance and rethink analytics processes through a clearly defined roadmap, to help organizations define what they should do when.

Data optimization for the enterprise

Data Optimization for the Enterprise is a service offering that helps organizations achieve significant additional value from their data in return for a relatively low capital investment. Clients can take full advantage of Cloudera’s big data technology to optimize the ratio between the value of data and its storage costs, while also gaining extended capabilities to handle complex data.

Cloudera’s expertise in optimizing existing Data Warehouse architectures using Hadoop complements Capgemini’s broader view of these analytical landscapes, from the variety of source systems (internal or external) to the interfaces (business applications) that expose the data in the form of practical insights for your business users.

Data Optimization for the Enterprise is the fast, cost-effective way to start getting full value from your data.