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Future-proof your career

The demand for expert developers is outpacing the global supply as Hadoop becomes the predominant platform for data management and analytics. Cloudera offers you a complete learning path from the basics of HDFS internals and MapReduce code to advanced topics like custom converged applications and data science in practice.

Services & Training

Developer Training for MapReduce

  • Learn to code and write MapReduce programs for production
  • Master advanced API topics required for real-world data analysis

Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop

  • Learn Apache Spark and how it integrates with the entire Hadoop ecosystem
  • How data is distributed, stored, and processed in a Hadoop cluster

Designing & Building Big Data Applications

  • Build converged applications using multiple processing engines
  • Develop solutions using components across the enterprise data hub

Spark Training

  • Combine batch and stream processing with interactive analytics
  • Optimize applications for speed, ease of use, and sophistication

Search Training

  • Bring scalable, flexible indexing to Hadoop with Apache Solr
  • Integrate powerful real-time queries with external applications

HBase Training

  • Design schemas to minimize latency on massive data sets
  • Scale hundreds of thousands of operations per second

Introduction to Data Science

  • Implement recommenders and data experiments
  • Draw actionable insights from analysis of disparate data

I was very impressed with the depth and completeness of Developer training. Cloudera really helped me understand Hadoop's capabilities so that I can make better technology choices relative to our big data opportunity going forward.  


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Get Certified

Certification identifies you as a true Hadoop expert. The big data space is growing rapidly, and certification gives you a clear advantage as an established leader in the field. With nearly 10,000 accredited data professionals, Cloudera Certification is the world's most recognized and sought-after Hadoop qualification.

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Syncsort optimizes data processing and scalability with Hadoop Developer Training

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