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Enable your enterprise users

The Cloudera ODBC Driver for Hive enables your enterprise users to access Hadoop data through Business Intelligence (BI) applications with ODBC support.


The driver achieves this by translating Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) calls from the application into SQL and passing the SQL queries to the underlying Hive engine.

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Connector Compatibility


Microstrategy Version CDH Version Connector Version
9.4.1 CDH 5.0+ Hive ODBC 2.5.5
9.3.1 CDH 4.2+ Hive ODBC 2.0


Qlikview Version CDH version Connector Version
11.2 CDH 4.2+ Hive ODBC 2.5.0


Spotfire Version CDH Version Connector Version


Tableau Version CDH Version Connector Version
8.1.7 CDH 4.2+
CDH 5.0+
Hive ODBC 2.5.5
8.1.4 CDH 4.2+
CDH 5.0+
Hive ODBC 2.5.5
8.0.8 CDH 4.2+
CDH 5.0+
Hive ODBC 2.5.5
8.0.4 CDH 4.2+ Hive ODBC 2.5.5

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