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Key Projects

Apache Hadoop (Core)

Reliable, scalable distributed storage and computing

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Apache Accumulo

A secure, distributed data store to serve performance-intensive Big Data applications

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Apache Flume

For collecting and aggregating log and event data and real-time streaming it into Hadoop

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Apache HBase

Scalable record and table storage with real-time read/write access

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Apache Hive

Familiar SQL framework with metadata repository for batch processing of Hadoop data

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The extensible web GUI that makes Hadoop users more productive

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Apache Impala (incubating)

The analytic database native to Hadoop for low-latency queries under multi-user workloads

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Apache Kafka

The backbone for distributed real-time processing of Hadoop data

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Apache Pig

High-level data flow language for processing data stored in Hadoop

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Apache Sentry

Fine-grained, role-based authorization for Impala and Hive

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Cloudera Search

Powered by Solr to make Hadoop accessible to everyone via integrated full-text search

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Apache Spark

The open standard for in-memory batch and real-time processing for advanced analytics

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Apache Sqoop

Data transport engine for integrating Hadoop with relational databases

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