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Date: Thursday, Jun 14 2012


Michael Driscoll, CEO, Metamarkets
Andrew Mendelsohn, SVP, Oracle
Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera
Jay Parikh, VP Infrastructure Eng, Facebook
John Schroeder, CEO, MapR

Cade Metz, Editor, WIRED Enterprise

There is a lot of adoption going on around Hadoop within organizations that are trying to draw insight from all the big data being generated. Hadoop, and a handful of open-source tools that complement it, are promising to make gigantic and diverse datasets easily available for quick, cost-effective analysis using clusters of inexpensive computers. This Churchill Club Open Forum program presents a diverse set of leaders who will explore these questions and more: How critical is Hadoop to the transformation of enterprise computing, innovation and the primacy of data? Where and how is it best used? How will it fit with existing data warehousing technologies? How will it play out in the long term?

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