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Date: Tuesday, Apr 10 2012


End-to-End Administration for Apache Hadoop

Cloudera Manager is the industry’s first end-to-end management application for Apache Hadoop. By delivering granular visibility into and control over every part of the Hadoop cluster, Cloudera Manager empowers enterprise operators to improve cluster performance, enhance quality of service, increase compliance and reduce administrative costs.

Spend Your Time Using Hadoop to Solve Business Problems, Rather Than Managing Your Cluster

As with any distributed computing or storage platform, deployment and ongoing administration of a Hadoop stack can be difficult and time consuming. Deciding which components and versions to deploy based on use cases; assigning roles for nodes; effectively configuring, starting and managing services across the cluster; and performing diagnostics to optimize cluster performance require significant expertise. Yet, with tightened budgets and an ever-increasing list of initiatives to manage, most IT shops find themselves resource constrained. In-house Hadoop expertise is difficult and prohibitively expensive for most organizations to acquire. Cloudera Manager eliminates these obstacles and enables you to spend your time using Hadoop, rather than managing the cluster.

With Cloudera Manager, you can easily deploy and centrally operate a complete Hadoop stack. The application automates the installation process, reducing deployment time from weeks to minutes; gives you a cluster-wide, real time view of nodes and services running; provides a single, central place to enact configuration changes across your cluster; and incorporates a full range of reporting and diagnostic tools to help you optimize cluster performance and utilization.