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Date: Thursday, Apr 05 2012


The volume and variety of data generated today is historically unprecedented. Successful organizations understand that more data means more sophisticated analysis of their businesses, customers and products. Unfortunately, legacy systems were not designed to scale at the pace data is currently created. 

Apache Hadoop unlocks the actionable value in massive amounts of unstructured and structured data, enabling organizations to answer previously unanswerable questions and improve both business processes and customer interactions. Hadoop complements existing technologies and is the ideal platform to consolidate, process and analyze massive amounts of multi-structured data. As a result of the unique business value it generates, the demand for Hadoop skills is rapidly growing. 

Cloudera University is the world’s leading provider of Apache Hadoop training and certification. Our comprehensive suite of solutions provides job-specific training for Hadoop administrators and developers, as well as in-depth coverage of other Apache projects such as HBase, Hive and Pig. Cloudera University courses are developed using best practices derived from working with customers across all verticals, including financial services, healthcare, digital media, advertising, bio-science, education and telecommunications. 

Regardless of your experience with Hadoop, Cloudera University has a training option to fit your needs.