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Date: Thursday, Apr 12 2012


Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) is the #1 distribution of Hadoop in commercial and non-commercial environments.

Available for free download at, CDH delivers a streamlined path for putting Apache Hadoop to work solving business problems in production. Ideal for enterprises seeking a stable, tested Hadoop solution without proprietary vendor lock-in, CDH is the bridge between the insights of organizations using Hadoop in production and the continuous stream of innovations from the Apache community.

Fully documented and ready to go; only CDH consists of 100% open source Apache Hadoop plus the comprehensive set of open source software components needed to use Hadoop, which can be activated on an as-needed basis. CDH is thoroughly tested and certified to integrate with the widest range of operating systems and hardware, databases and data warehouses, and business intelligence and ETL systems, enabling users to protect existing technology investments by taking advantage of Hadoop while leveraging their existing tools and resources.

Simplicity and Certainty

Due to the explosive growth in data volumes and complexity, companies of all sizes are adopting the open source Apache Hadoop platform to store, process and derive value from all their data. Hadoop has many advantages, particularly in its flexibility and economics; but just like any open source technology, implementation into a production environment presents a unique set of challenges and questions that must be addressed. How can you guarantee system stability? Which components of the open source platform do you need and how can you ensure that they will integrate correctly? How well is the technology documented? Who do you call for support? The uncertainty caused by questions like these drives some companies to invest in proprietary vendor solutions – despite the higher price tag and risk of vendor lock-in and product bloat.

Cloudera created its distribution of Hadoop for this very purpose – to remove the uncertainty and barriers that sometimes dissuade enterprises from deploying open source Hadoop in production.