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Date: Tuesday, Nov 08 2011


Now in its fifth year, Apache Hadoop has firmly established itself as the platform of choice for organizations that need to efficiently store, organize, analyze, and harvest valuable insight from the flood of data that they interact with. Since its inception as an early, promising technology that inspired curiosity, Hadoop has evolved into a widely embraced, proven solution used in production to solve a growing number of business problems that were previously impossible to address. In his opening keynote, Mike will reflect on the growth of the Hadoop platform due to the innovative work of a vibrant developer community and on the rapid adoption of the platform among large enterprises. He will highlight how enterprises have transformed themselves into data-driven organizations, highlighting compelling use cases across vertical markets. He will also discuss Cloudera’s plans to stay at the forefront of Hadoop innovation and its role as the trusted solution provider for Hadoop in the enterprise. He will share Cloudera’s view of the road ahead for Hadoop and Big Data and discuss the vital roles for the key constituents across the Hadoop community, ecosystem and enterprises.