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938 results

938 results

Cloudera Sessions - Seoul Highlight

Cloudera Sessions is a complimentary one-day event for data professionals. Whether you are new to Hadoop, or want to increase your knowledge of Hadoop, we have something for everyone. Hear from our customers, partners, and experts from Cloudera while networking with your peers.

TDWI Checklist Report: Emerging Design Patterns for Data Management

This Checklist Report drills into some of the emerging data platforms that modern data-driven organizations are embracing. The goal is to accelerate users’ understanding of new data platforms so they can choose/use the ones that best support the new data-driven goals of their organizations.

Apache Spark Market Survey 2016

Recently, the Taneja Group administered an open survey to 7,000 technology professionals in order to understand their knowledge and use of Apache Spark. Spark has quickly grown into one of the major big data ecosystem projects and shows no signs of slowing down. It has become the de facto processing engine for Hadoop and the general engine for modern analytic use cases.

Cloudera’s focus on driving enterprise use of Spark, ranging from data processing to data science and machine learning, involves expert training, professional services, and proactive support. We partner with our customers to understand the areas of Spark development that matter most and the pain points that Spark users encounter. This survey validates the use cases, architecture choices, and future work that Spark users care about most.

Taneja Group Spark Market Adoption Report

The Taneja Group in partnership with Cloudera have surveyed 7,000 participants to understand their knowledge, challenges, and plans for expansion. The results showcase a bright future for the relatively new technology.

SFR Implements an Enterprise Data Hub to Improve the Customer Journey

SFR believes the proliferation of telecom networks and digital technologies allows people to enrich their lives through easy interactions with the world around them. As consumers and businesses transition to the digital world, SFR is optimizing their journey through the use of an integrated Big Data ecosystem that combines a Cloudera-powered enterprise data hub (EDH) with an enterprise data warehouse (EDW).

Turning Data into Business Value with a Modern Data Platform

Join Alex Gutow as she discusses real-time analytics and data in motion, self-service access for SQL analysts and data scientists alike, and public cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

Cloudera and Cask Hydrator Solution Brief

Cask Hydrator is an interactive application for building, running, and managing data pipelines on Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Leveraging Big Data for Enhanced Data-Driven Insights

This APAC IDC InfoBrief summarizes the key findings from a recent Cloudera-sponsored survey conducted to better understand where Asia/Pacific businesses are on their big data and analytics journey.

Cisco UCS and Cloudera Solution Brief

Big data is now a significant element in many industries and gaining meaningful traction across multiple industries. Cloudera and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) provide the platform for your big data analytics for business success.
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